Three Reasons to Love Stony Creek Swim Center

We are so thrilled to bring you this experience post with Stony Creek Swim Center as part of a partnership with this business.

Water is such a big part of our family’s life.  Between the neighborhood pool, trips to Grandma’s lake house in Michigan or vacation at the beach, we love to be around water.  So it only made sense that we get our son in swim lessons as soon as possible. We put Andrew in water as soon as we could and always did our best to ensure he was comfortable whether it was the bathtub or pool.  For Andrew, swim lessons started at 6 months and have continued the last 2.5 years.  We’ve tested out several centers across the city and have had success, but nothing quite stuck. So when we were offered the opportunity to check out Stony Creek Swim Center in Noblesville, we couldn’t wait to sign up!

For those families out there that have a new swimmer or even a kid that is swimming but you want to refine their skills, Stony Creek is a great option!  After three months in their pool, our little fish is becoming more confident and comfortable with every stroke. So if you are considering Stony Creek, I am here to make your decision easy. Here are my top three reasons to love Stony Creek Swim Center.

The Swim Curriculum

Watching Andrew swim each week, I began to notice how much he improved each time he got in the water. The instructors worked with him every class on the skills he would need to move up, and I loved seeing him progress each time. By week six, Andrew was floating on his back on his own. I started to see improvement in his swim stroke, and he was actively using his goggles to dive under the water. Stony Creek’s curriculum ensures your student has mastered each skill before moving forward and the instructors have unique ways to explain and teach your young swimmer.

The Class Size

Each week as we made our way onto the pool deck, it was so nice to know that Andrew would be swimming with three other friends.  Sometimes the class was smaller, but ultimately it was four students max, giving him ample time in the pool during his class period. Having others in class meant he would often learn from swimmers in his class that were more advanced than him as well. I would see him chit-chatting with his friends sometimes, but for the most part, the smaller class size kept his attention on the instructor, in the pool and ready for action.

The instructors

I can’t say enough about the teachers at Stony Creek. Andrew had one teacher the entire time he was there, but watching lessons every week, I witnessed how great the instructors were across the board. Each was amazingly patient. They were firm but kind. And they were always willing to go above and beyond. The teachers had a way to calm their students if they were afraid and always seemed to have a secret weapon to get them in the pool. Since my little swimmer was three, we often needed a little assistance. Special shout out to Coach Jessica, who was the best and kept Andrew going strong for three months straight.

If you are considering a swim school this summer or any time of year, I encourage you to look into Stony Creek Swim Center.  They are a great option when searching for the right facility for the swimmers in your family.

Want to learn more about Stony Creek Swim Center or get more information? Contact them below! 

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