24 Breastfeeding and Pumping Friendly Locations Around Indianapolis


Breastfeeding moms all know that feeling of your baby starting to cry and frantically looking around for the best place to feed. I’m a strong advocate for feeding baby whenever and wherever baby and mom feel like it. I also believe that giving moms options for a comfortable place to provide nourishment for their little ones helps to normalize breastfeeding. Lactation Lounges or Mother’s Rooms, as they are often called, can be an excellent resource for moms throughout their breastfeeding journey. More and more businesses seem to be making an effort to help their nursing clientele by providing the spaces they need to feed or pump. (Yay!)

Why are these spaces important?

  • They are climate controlled. Whether it’s hot, cold, windy, or rainy outside – weather conditions can often make breastfeeding even more challenging. Getting out of the elements can be a much more comfortable experience.
  • They are quiet. Older babies especially can get distracted easily, so a calm space can help make sure little ones get all the nourishment they need.
  • They offer amenities. Things like comfortable seating, an outlet, table, or a sink for cleaning equipment can all be really helpful – and they aren’t things you can find just anywhere.
  • They offer a contained space, often with a lock. If you have other young children in addition to the one you’re nursing, having an area that is enclosed can be a huge help so that mom doesn’t have to chase the others around.

The following are some places in the Indy area that provide accommodations and meet the majority of criteria for an ideal breastfeeding or pumping room.

Bankers Life Fieldhouse. Whether it’s a concert or a basketball game you’re attending, you can utilize the nursing Mother’s room on the main concourse near Section 9.

Buy Buy Baby. They cater to moms, so it’s definitely smart for the store to offer a dedicated space. But, I found that the space is much nicer than it even needs to be and can be a really nice break from shopping. Locations in Greenwood and Clearwater.

Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. Not exactly surprising that they have accommodations here, but the space is quite pleasant. It’s located in the Playscape area on Level 3 and offers multiple little rooms with televisions.

Connor Prairie. I spent a lot of time here during my last maternity leave and it’s one of the best options for finding a place to nurse when you also have an older child. There are tons of nice, shady spots throughout the venue, but it’s great to have the option of a dedicated space – both in the welcome center and in the Civil War area. I love that they also have a few small toys for keeping siblings entertained.

Costco. Yes, you can buy in bulk and still feed your little one! There’s a small room available to moms via access the Employee Lounge. Just ask any employee to help you out.

Fashion Mall at Keystone. There’s a Mother’s Room located on the second floor of Nordstrom and there’s another near the Fashion café.

Fishers Public Library. There’s a dedicated room located on the first floor in the children’s section.

Greenwood Community Center. Inside Kid City, there’s a beautiful spot for nursing moms near the grocery store on the second level.

Greenwood Park Mall. There’s a chair, charging station and outlet located in the Food Court near the restrooms.

Indiana Convention Center. I’ve attended my share of conferences and conventions, so this place is essential. Near Hall E, you can breastfeed or pump in this space that includes lounge chairs, table, and electrical outlets.

Indiana State Fair. I go to the fair each year, and it seems like it’s always SO HOT. Not ideal for nursing babies. Each year, The Milk Bank sponsors the Indiana State Fair Lactation Stations. They offer two locations to get out of the heat, drink bottled water, and feed your little ones.

Indianapolis Colts Training Camp. For the first time, The Milk Bank is sponsoring a Lactation Station at the Colts training camp! The event runs July 25-August 15.

Indianapolis International Airport. If you ever travel without your little one, finding a spot to pump is crucial. The airport offers three locations for either nursing or expressing milk. One is located pre-security and there’s one in each concourse post-security.

Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra. Located right on Monument Circle, there is a family room in the basement with a couch and electrical outlet for pumping.

Indianapolis Zoo. The space at the zoo is called the Mother’s Nest, and it’s very spacious with room for multiple moms. There are also sinks and multiple changing stations.

IUPUI. Whether you’re a student or visitor, it’s nice to know that there’s a clean and private space on campus. Located in CE 312, it’s at the end of the hall on the 3rd floor. The door code is obtained from the information desk on the first floor.

JW Marriott Indianapolis. At a previous job, we held a client conference here each year. I didn’t find that the staff was very aware of the space, but it does exist. Near the convention area, on the White River floor, you’ll find access to a comfy chair, plug, and sink.

Lucas Oil Stadium. Here, they have a nursing pod, called a Mamava. It’s a 4-foot by 8-foot space that has comfortable benches, table, and outlet. There’s enough space for another child or two. I haven’t used this one, but I did use one in the Atlanta airport and absolutely loved it. It’s amazing how comfortable and quiet they are!

Noblesville Public Library. There’s a Mamava pod located in the Children’s book section. The library did a recent update in its children section and it’s fabulous!

The Milk Bank of Indianapolis. They are a not-for-profit that provides pasteurized breastmilk to babies. Within their building, they have a large lactation room for moms to feed or pump.

Monon Community Center. Here you will find another Mamava nursing pod. Great for taking a break between playing, or for pumping moms to have a dedicated space before or after a workout.

Newfields. Located on the first floor, near the café you’ll have access to all of the nursing and pumping essentials.

Top Golf. Of all the lactation rooms I’ve visited, this one impressed me the most! I was at Top Golf for a work event and asked if they had a space to pump, even though I was sure I’d be met with a confused look and told no. After all, I’m sure nursing moms are not the majority of their customers. Instead, I was told, “Absolutely!” and guided toward an extremely comfortable room with an outlet and even a refrigerator for storing breast milk.

Victory Field. – There’s a dedicated room with a chair, plug, sink, and changing table right outside section 117. Our family typically chooses lawn seats, so this space is a welcome break out of the sun.

When nursing my kiddos, I never wanted that to keep me at home or from enjoying the things our family loves to do! I hope you find this list helpful and comment with any places I may have missed!

Also, if nursing and pumping rooms are important to you, I’d encourage you to request that these rooms be made available as you are out and about! The more advocates we have out there talking to local business, the more we’ll normalize breastfeeding, and the more commonplace these accommodations will become.

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