5 Mom Hacks When All You Want Is a Cup of Coffee



I don’t know about you, but days of brunch with my best girlfriends and a really good cup of hot coffee (read: Bloody Mary) are over. Now, I’m lucky if I can drink at least half a cup before someone spills something, breaks something, climbs on (then jumps off of) something, or just, in general, ______ something (fill in whatever verb you want, I’m sure it probably fits). Because I get cangry (caffeine-deficiency-induced-angry), I’ve developed a couple survival strategies I’ve developed to get the necessary amount of caffeine needed to keep me from Hulking out:

  1. Load ’em up. Put them in your car, and strap them into their carseats. Enjoy your coffee while they are literally strapped to their seats.
  2. Go through a drive-thru and pick up two coffees, one for you and one for your friend. Take your kids to that friend’s house. Then Leave.
  3. Take them to the daycare at the gym. Maybe you work-out, maybe you just sit and finish your coffee. Nobody really knows.
  4. Make your coffee, then put it in the refrigerator. You’re not going to drink it hot anyway, so just get it over with. Later, add ice for iced coffee.
  5. When you toddler wants a sip of your coffee (because they never want what they have, right? They just always want to ensure that whatever you’re drinking is 10% beverage, 90% their backwash), just give it to them. One sip, and they’ll never care about it again.

Happy caffeinating!


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Nickie is currently an Urban Education Studies PhD student at IUPUI. As co-owner of Indianapolis Moms Blog, she is interested in not only supporting and encouraging fellow mothers, but supporting the small businesses of Indianapolis. She also works for a Civil Rights organization, working specifically with Civil Rights in public schools. She is Mom to Charlie (3), Ivy (2), and Emery (1), and married to her baby-raising partner, Clay. She loves to travel with her littles and husband, walk the Monon, City Market, hikes, dogs, and barbecues. You'll find her with coffee in hand, likely talking to anyone who will listen.