Adult Life: Things that are Weirdly Common


1) When the doorbell rings and you don’t answer.

Maybe it’s your neighbor, maybe it’s the UPS man…but these days, it could also be a serial killer. Or one of those pesky home siding solicitors. So, yeah, it’s totally ok if you don’t answer your door. If people want to see you badly enough, they will text first (not call, because ewww, that’s not what the phone is for), right?

2) Wanting an invite…but you’re still not going.

Heck yes you want an invite for whatever…parties, showers, happy hours, birthdays, etc.! It’s the thought that counts, of course. So if the thought to include you was overlooked, then your feelings might get hurt or you might be slightly angry or annoyed. Even if you probably have zero intention of going, heyyyyy, you still want the invitation!

3) Having plans cancelled…and being excited!

Sometimes you see the “so sorry” cancellation text from a friend or notice of a cancelled meeting and think, “Awww…as in awwww YEAH!” Kind of odd, right? But so true, especially in the winter. Although you love your friends and family, you also love staying at home in your pajamas and watching Netflix. Totally weird, yet totally common for adults to get a little giddy about cancelled plans.

4) Wanting a drive thru for everything.

It can be such drudgery getting the kids in and out of your car any time of year, but especially in arctic temperatures! So let’s give a big YAY for drive thrus, and can we please get more of them for things like wine, the library, movie rentals, massages and, well, just all the things? Does this make us lazy? I don’t think so. I’d like to view it as moms being more efficient and controlling the chaos that can ensue with the sometimes daunting task of getting kids in and out of the car…and quickly in and out of stores!

5) Saying one thing, but meaning another.

Ok, ok, so maaaaaaybe women are a little more notorious for doing this. But c’mon, y’all, we just want you to read our minds and, like, know deep down what we want. Bonus if you tell us how pretty we are after feeding us yummy food and playing with our hair.

6) Setting New Year’s resolutions, but giving up after second week of January.

It’s a new year! A fresh start! A way to get the train back on the tracks and create a new you (or mold the existing you)! Yet, don’t beat yourself up if you abandoned your New Year’s resolutions two weeks into the new year. Many people do that each and every year. Sometimes the best approach is to not look at resolutions as only being viable to start with each new year, and to instead set tangible, realistic goals each week or month…make it an ongoing process instead of creating huge or seemingly overwhelming goals at the start of each year.

7) Ordering one meal, but wanting what your spouse or partner ordered.

Suddenly your grilled chicken salad doesn’t look as exciting when your significant other’s filet mignon with a side of plush broccoli and scoop of succulent mashed potatoes arrives at the table. True love is sharing, sharing is caring and whatever, please hand me more of your meal because it looks fantastic! Thank yoooouuuuu!

8) Reveling in the look and feel of freshly-cleaned sheets.

Let’s be honest, everyone loves clean sheets and bedding! It can’t help but make you sort of feel like a goddess, right?

9) Feeling like college prepared you for motherhood.

Yes, it sure did! All the late nights, lack of sleep, sticky and dirty messes, incoherent babble, searching for snacks, constant journeys and adventures…just like various stages of motherhood!

10) Getting a small rush over little things.

Weird, I know, but using a new or cool writing utensil really is like, “Ooohhhhh, I’m writing magic right now and am so important!” Hee hee. It’s kind of like the rush you get from cleaning the dryer lint trap. Or getting five minutes to yourself before everyone else in the house wakes up. WHEW! Yay for all the little, beautiful, wonderful things.