Why We Babywear {International Babywearing Week}


Many moms these days are turning to babywearing these days, and why not? Not only are the benefits for baby numerous, it helps mom out in many ways as well.

We asked our writers and readers to share some of their babywearing experience with us and here’s what they had to say:


12086858_10105584183703028_1857451043_nWhy do you babywear?

“I chose to start babywearing my son because I loved the idea of being hands free and not needing to use a bulky stroller. After I started, I fell in love because I could keep him so close and constantly hug and kiss him while we were out and about. When I had my daughter, it really became a necessity when juggling both kids. It honestly has made my life so much easier, especially when we’re out of the house! It was also a breeze to nurse both kids on the go. I was still able to do my shopping, go hiking or any other activity while discretely nursing in the carrier. Now that they’re toddlers, babywearing is a savior because I never have to worry about them wandering off or breaking stuff in a store. I’m definitely going to hold onto some wraps to use with my grandkids so I can experience the same bond with them!”

What is your favorite babywearing carrier?

“My favorite carriers vary by age. Wrap conversion ring slings and woven wraps are my favorite for newborns and infants, up until about the first year. Girasol is definitely my go-to brand of woven wrap. After that, I can’t deny the ease of a buckle carrier. My kids wanted up and down too much to mess with a wrap at that point. My favorite buckle carriers have been a Beco Gemini (when my son was smaller) and a Tula (both standard and toddler sizes) when they both got a little bigger.”



10452968_10152744755543715_6230910856971592935_oWhy do you babywear?

“I started baby wearing when my son was born because the kid was a TERRIBLE sleeper. The only way he would nap was if I was holding him, so I would think ‘there has to be a better way!’ That better way was babywearing. There was definitely a learning curve and it took a bit for us to both get the hang of it, but once we did he would nap in the carrier for hours! We never turned back. Now that he’s almost four he’s too big for me to wear for any length of time, but I’m so looking  forward to wearing his little brother or sister who is due in January!”

What is your favorite babywearing carrier?

“I absolutely loved my Beco Gemini. It was comfortable and provided plenty of back support. When he was itty bitty I used my hand-me-down ring sling, which is great for toddler carries as well. I recently purchased a Solly Baby Wrap for our next baby and am eager to try that one out!”



12112723_10153656500247463_631224761_oWhy do you babywear?

“I started baby wearing out of desperation. My second born was colicky and wasn’t ever settling down if laid down, but would be better when carried. So in order to get stuff done and getting some time without screaming little guy, I wore him.

My third is now 5 months old. He is a pretty easy going little guy who is adapting to whatever gets thrown his way. Having two big brothers, he has been on the go from day one. Baby wearing gets little Alexander the mommy snuggles he needs and big brothers Aidan and Alastair the adventures they like. It just suits our life style and helps me to keep up with the two crazies and still enjoy the little.”

What is your favorite babywearing carrier?

“That’s a good question. I have tried a lot of different options, and I think right now it’s a tie between my Tula and the LennyLamb. I am very fond of both. They are both extremely comfortable.”



11058560_10152733679743715_2940407103355817737_oWhy do you babywear?

I choose to babywear because I love keeping my sweet babe close. When he was tiny, it gave me an opportunity to accomplish things throughout my day, while still holding him. And I continue to wear my almost-one-year-old because it’s an excuse to snuggle close. And bonus, I burn more calories during our twice daily walks.

What is your favorite babywearing carrier?

My favorite carrier by far is the $40 Infantino we got at Babies’R’Us. We tried the more expensive options, too but like this one the best. It’s comfortable, easy to take on and off, cleans well, doesn’t look pre-dispositioned to be made for men or women, and it was inexpensive.





12063292_10100129856324189_7286476508906826923_nWhy do you babywear?

“I babywear to easily be on-the-go with my little ones, give my kids the comfort of being held while having my hands free, and easily nurse while out and about.”

What is your favorite babywearing carrier?

“My favorite and most-used carrier is the Ergo.”




12138392_10153192759566149_5218852469743970509_oWhy do you babywear?

“I started babywearing for convenience but found it was a great way to be close to my kids. Even as they’ve grown we still enjoy it.”

What is your favorite babywearing carrier?

“I only have a few carriers but my favorite is my wrap. It’s a little frog wrap, size 5.”





12144840_10100281330440379_2944402525441939932_nWhy do you babywear?

“I originally started babywearing when my oldest was born but I only had one carrier that he quickly outgrew. He walked early and everywhere so our wearing days were pretty short lived. When I was pregnant with my second child my husband was working a lot and I went back to work part time. In order to avoid childcare costs we worked opposite shifts which meant most of the time I would be alone with both kids. I knew with a 4 year I wouldn’t be able to haul the infant seat around so I decided to look into a more comfortable carrier I could use longer. After my daughter was born I quickly realized how much easier wearing her made my life. She had a lot of medical issues as an infant including severe reflux. Wearing her alleviated some of her symptoms. As she got older she clearly had a wild streak and wearing her as a toddler kept her safe in parking lots and public and made hauling my son and his sports equipment around possible without multiple trips back and forth from the car.”

What is your favorite babywearing carrier?

“I’ve tried several different carriers and my favorite to use is a mei tai. Our current favorite is a BabyHawk mei tai. My husband loved the Ergo because of how easy it was to use. I loved wrapping and my favorite looks wise was my Didymos Lime Hemp Pfau but my daughter doesn’t have the patience for wrapping.”



12124229_10156098138405092_2076191391_oWhy do you babywear?

“To keep my hands free to deal with my older child and because my second child wanted to be held all.the.time for the first few months. It was the only way I could get anything done.”

What is your favorite babywearing carrier?

“I haven’t tried many, but I like my Beco best.”




12087079_10153581616120985_1532281705912828326_oWhy do you babywear?

“I wore my 2nd baby first out of necessity because my hands were full with my then 20 month old. I wanted to be hands on with my oldest so wrapping the baby was the obvious choice. But it turns out that I really enjoyed having the baby close. I think it really made a difference in my connection with her and now I miss those days when she would just fall asleep in my wrap.”

What is your favorite babywearing carrier?

“My favorite carriers are the K’Tan and Ergo. The K’Tan was great for the infant days and the Ergo I used more as she got older and could keep her head up. The K’tan is soft, adjustable, and very easy to put on and take off. The Ergo is also easy but definitely more secure for when baby gets heavier and mobile.”