Confessions of a New Mom: Boutique Shopping with a Newborn


A Boutique Destination

Up until this weekend, I had only run errands and attended business meetings along with my husband. I’d found the determination to venture out with my daughter and pick up my online order of groceries, and head to the park with my baby in her stroller. But we hadn’t been shopping.  A rite of passage for a mother and daughter surely overdue with my baby already 7 weeks old! 

With my destination pre-determined; “Piper Children’s Boutique” in Fishers, I knew that boutique shopping probably wouldn’t allow for her rather large stroller. As I packed up the diaper bag, I decided I’d take along the buckled carrier that didn’t require me to tie fancy knots around my body. I even thought so far ahead as to put essentials from my purse inside said buckled carrier. “I’ve got this,” I thought, and decided I could leave her diaper bag and my purse in the car, and just waltz into the boutique with her in my carrier. I was, after all, brilliantly toting all I needed to make purchases in it’s accessible little zippered pocket.  

Can You Google That?!

On our drive to the boutique, it crossed my mind that surely there was a better way of doing this. What if, instead of shopping for my baby and for a baby gift today, I had intended to do a little boutique shopping for myself? As a new mom, I could certainly use a few new clothing items to make me feel good! What if I needed to try something on? I couldn’t just set her on the ground! I have a confession. Once parked in front of Piper’s, I actually considered googling “how to shop with a newborn.” What was I missing? Something obvious, probably. It can’t be that hard!

Since today’s adventure wasn’t mom-shopping, I decided to proceed as planned. Then, as I unbuckled my little beauty from her car seat, I pondered how to actually get her into the carrier. As I did so, I reached into that carrier and grabbed my ID and credit card, stuck them in my back pocket and proceeded to carry my daughter into the boutique over my left shoulder. Surely I could shop with her in one arm, right? 

One-Handed Shopping Discoveries

As I entered the boutique, I asked the woman behind the counter where I could find the newborn section. She happily directed me to the back of the store. Everything I walked by on my way seemed to catch my eye. So many adorable items on the displays, including halloween and thanksgiving themed outfits. Thankfully, they had these in gorgeous newborn sizes, too!  With so many items to look at, I soon realized that having my daughter over my shoulder was good for a quick shopping trip, but not convenient for browsing.

I was able to quite quickly find for my daughter an adorable puppy-covered kimono, as well as a package of dainty headbands. I found a lovely sleeper to give as a newborn gift, and made my way to the counter to check-out. The woman helping me was very helpful, and even offered to gift-wrap the sleeper for me!

All in all, a successful shopping trip. After all, I accomplished finding an adorable gift, a couple of items for my daughter on her first shopping excursion, and made it back to the vehicle before my baby-holding arm gave out. Next time around, I’d make a few changes. I’d drag out that big stroller and just roll with it. I may need to meander around, but it would certainly allow me to browse a little longer. The stroller handle could serve as my own personal shopping rack, too. I can only see this resulting in a much larger purchase. Makes me wonder if perhaps my initial approach wasn’t the most economical!

Future Shopping Plans!

I’ll be excited to get back to shopping with our stroller to browse for a few cute holiday-themed items. With a 4-month photo session coming up, a wide selection of adorable outfits and accessories will no doubt provide us with everything we could need to ensure absolutely adorable photos. I’ll also be excited to do some research and see what other children’s boutiques (and mommy boutiques) I can find in our great city. I may also try out the buckled-carrier shopping approach and report back. We have many shopping adventures ahead of us!