To Cut His Hair or Not to Cut His Hair…That is the Question

Is it time to cut?
Is it time to cut his hair?

My 15-month-old son woke up with the cutest curls in his hair the other morning. His sandy brown locks have the most adorable ringlets I have ever seen and people are constantly commenting on his rockstar hair. Like any self-respecting mom would do, I immediately took a photo of his bed head hair style and sent it off to his adoring fans…my family. Much to my surprise, I didn’t receive an onslaught of “he is adorable” texts, but was met with “its time to cut his hair” and even “he looks like a beautiful little girl”.

The curl in question.
The curl in question.

You’re kidding me right? That was my instant reaction. My family is known for not sugar coating it, but we are talking about my kiddo here. This little man has the cutest head of hair I have ever seen. Hair they have vocally announced that they want me to cut. I will say it again; you’re kidding me right?

Morning bed head.
Morning bed head.

What they don’t realize is their harping on me is a sure fire way to ensure I will NOT to cut it. (Yes, the stubborn 13-year-old girl inside of me still lives.) I mean, it’s just a little full on top.

Pulling the trigger

So I will ask all of you ladies, when is the right time to have their first haircut? One year? Once it starts to look like a backwards mullet? Whenever you feel like it?

I think the point is, who cares.

I will admit, I have judged in the past. I can remember looking at pictures of my friend’s children and saying, “wow, his hair is a little too long for me” or “her hair needs a trim for sure”. But now, as a card-carrying member of the mommy club, I finally get it.

Not only do I just really like his hair, I am also aware of that lingering feeling that my little guy is still my little guy prior to that first haircut. He continues to be my baby because we haven’t ceremonially taken a lock of his hair and taped it in the baby book. I honestly get the feeling that now that we have waited this long, a trim signals some sort of rite of passage into toddler-dom. So why rush it, right? I guess I am just not ready and can’t fathom losing those curls forever.

Mother knows best

Recently, my fellow comrades at IMB have posted similar blogs discussing the judgey-eyed naysayers out there.  The aforementioned comments from my family regarding my son’s hair have me feeling the same way. Put simply, keep your opinions to yourself. Whether it’s the size of someone’s baby, a mothers decision to only have one child, or in this case, the length my son’s hair, I am confidant that as his parents we will make the right decision. End of story. And its just that, its OUR decision.  

The curls on top of my little guy’s head are one of my favorite things about him. I know that whether they are there or not, he will still be my happy, spunky boy. Rest assured though that when the time comes to take that giant leap at the local salon, it will be the right time for us and I will document it for all to see. But in the meantime, I will enjoy those ringlets and my “baby” for a little while longer. Come on, wouldn’t you?

That hair just kills me...
That hair just kills me…


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