The Day We Lost “Hat”


To all you mamas out there with a child who has a lovey/stuffed animal/blanket/pillow/etc: this is a true story of the day my four year old daughter lost hers, her hat.

I was prepping the house for bedtime and making sure everything was in its place when I went over to her bed and noticed it was missing.

“Oh no, this is not going to end well.”

I thought for sure I could find it. You know, with my super power mom skills that can find everybody’s everything. I was wrong.

I searched the ENTIRE house, making sure to check all her “secret” spots, like..the inside of her rocking horse, her pillow case, her backpack, the toy boxes, the inside of our couch, etc. Nothing.

Here is where things get interesting.

She went to bed without her hat just fine. She did not even mention it, just fell right to sleep.

Uh, what? You mean the thing that you used to be so attached to that you have had since you were an do not care anymore?

Plot twist, mommy cares!

I could not believe myself. I found myself truly upset that we had REALLY lost this thing. Like, on the verge of tears upset.

I did not realize how much this hat meant to me. (Do I sound crazy yet?)

This is the hat that she wore when she was less than a year old. The hat that we placed on her head whenever my husband would pack her up in the stroller and push her around our snow laden neighborhood to get her to sleep. The hat that I would slowly pull off her head when we laid her sleeping body in her crib and leave right next to her. That hat not only helps her sleep but it is a reminder to me of how far we have come and it is a hole-y, pink mess of memories that I will hold on to forever.


I am happy to report that three days later her daddy found her little pink hat. On top of her floor lamp, of all places.

And we all lived happily ever after.