Kristin calls Fishers, Indiana home. She is married to an ICU nurse who works night shifts and she stays home with her 3 girls, 3 and under. She shares her life and photography on her own blog (kristinkempson.com). Writing is a deep passion of hers and she loves being able to encourage and share her voice online through Indianapolis Moms Blog!

Falling Into Fall Rhythms

Every September my tired, need for routine self takes a deep breath and sighs relief at the new rhythms fall brings. So long, Summer. Don't get me wrong, I love summer. But, there is...

Just Between Friends of North Indy

  The Just Between Friends of North Indy sale was everything you would want a consignment sale to be. As soon as I walked in, I was warmly greeted and given instructions and information regarding the...

The Mommy Wars: School Edition

I guess I did not realize it until now, until it was my turn to decide...how much of a hot topic children's education is. And along with it comes the temptation to compare. It...

The Day We Lost “Hat”

To all you mamas out there with a child who has a lovey/stuffed animal/blanket/pillow/etc: this is a true story of the day my four year old daughter lost hers, her hat. I was prepping the...

The Day My Daughter Almost Drowned

It has been almost a year since that terrifying day. The day my daughter almost drowned. You never wake up in the morning thinking that something like that could happen to you, but that's...

To The Mama With Little Kids

These are the days, mama. We are living them. These are the days we will look back on, maybe with rose colored glasses, but nonetheless. How blessed are we that we get to watch...

Why You Need to Take a Vacation With Your Husband

I am currently on a short vacation with JUST my husband for the first time since we had children (four years!) and we have both asked each other multiple times "Why have we not...

Teaching Our Children Self Worth

You Are Enough I think with having three daughters, this idea of teaching them self worth was planted in my mama heart very early on. Everywhere we go they get comments about how beautiful their eyes...

An Uncommon View

Do you want to hear something uncommon? Something that is not often said and is maybe even hard to say or believe? Children are a blessing. Motherhood is a blessing. I think it is...

Milk and Cookies Birthday Party

Kids birthday parties. Phew. Do you get stressed just thinking about them? Our media saturated culture has created some crazy expectations. Because of this, my husband and I have decided that our kids’ birthday parties...

The Motherhood Community

"Comparison is the thief of joy." -Theodore Roosevelt The comparison game. Let's stop playing it? The beauty and the flaw of being human is getting to choose what we let other people see (especially in...