Don’t Forget to Celebrate Your Birthday Too, Mama!


So, I have a funny story. I almost forgot my birthday this past month! One of my friends messaged me one day to see if my hubby was available for a guy’s night with her husband and some of our other mutual guy friends as a surprise for his birthday (so sweet, btw). I told her a date that I knew we didn’t have much going on and a few minutes after I messaged her I thought to myself, “Wait a minute, the 23rd is MY BIRTHDAY!” There was no way I was going to schedule a guy’s night for my husband on MY birthday (facepalm).

Why did this happen?

Well, because as a mom I get so caught up in my children’s lives that I forget about myself. With back to school this past month we are knee-deep in homework, sports, a busy season for me with work and just ALL OF THE THINGS. For my two boys, we always go out of our way (but not too crazy) by making sure they feel extra special during their birthdays. It’s like a week-long extravaganza. We have started giving experiences instead of gifts (highly recommend), they help make fun cakes, have friends over for sleepovers, a family party and so many cards and birthday wishes from family and friends.

But my birthday…nada. Now, of course, my own mother and my husband didn’t forget about my birthday and made sure I felt special (and let’s not forget about all the Facebook messages, which actually do make you feel pretty good). Every year I always say, “Oh, it’s just all about the kids now… don’t worry about making a big deal about my birthday.” So they don’t make a big deal. It’s usually dinner out, homemade cards from my boys (which I love) and a sports practice for one of the boys. 

However, mama, we DESERVE to feel special on our birthday too and there is nothing wrong with communicating that to the ones that hold you dear. We go out of our ways to make sure our children (and usually our husbands) feel all the love on their birthdays so don’t feel shy about expressing that you’d like to feel special on your birthday too. Now, I’m not saying your big day should be a total extravagant celebration (unless that’s what you want) but you should be celebrated. 

And you most certainly shouldn’t forget your OWN birthday like I almost did. So mama, don’t forget about you. (And happy early or belated birthday—all the mama’s are celebrating you). xoxo

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Emily Nichols
Emily and her husband (who is also her high school sweetheart) have lived in Brownsburg since 2004. They have two boys (Dylan & Tyler) that keep them very busy! Emily is a nonprofit professional and also wellness expert. She is a Whole30 Certified Coach and the host of The Self Care Isn't Selfish Podcast. You can also find Emily teaching fitness classes and getting her own butt kicked at Orangetheory. Motivated by her own family's wellness transformation, Emily coaches and helps inspire other busy moms like herself to make their health a priority in their lives, and take the time to put themselves first #selfcareisntselfish Emily loves to write about health, fitness, being a working #boymom and of course self care. You can find her on Instagram and check out her online courses and the podcast at: