5 Tips to Make the Most of Your Family Thanksgiving


On the fourth Thursday of November, families all over the U.S. will celebrate Thanksgiving. This typically means a big meal featuring a large bird, several carb filled sides, and a sweet treat to top it all of. Thanksgiving in my eyes is the Super Bowl of food holidays. Family comes to visit, delicious eats are shared in massive portions, and a good time is had by all (even if it is a bit stressful). But let’s not forget what Thanksgiving is really all about–giving thanks! This post is geared to helping you make the most of your Thanksgiving festivities as a family. Here are 5 tips to consider:

  1. Talk about it (and get crafty). Teach your littles what it means to be thankful. Explain to them why your family celebrates Thanksgiving. Discuss what traditions your family has developed over the years. and encourage them to list all that they’re thankful for–big and small. Considering pulling out the craft box and complete a project like this Thankful Tree. Kids have their own unique way of showing adults what thankfulness is really all about.
  2. Involve everyone. Assign a task to each person–allow someone to make the place cards, set the table, chop the veggies, or even serve a dish. Allowing kids to be hands on and participate will help free you up for other tasks and hopefully cut down on stress. And you never know, you just may cultivate a love for being in the kitchen by allowing your little ones to lend a helping hand.
  3. Be accommodating. Cooking a large meal can be daunting, and you’ll often need to keep your eyes and nose on the kitchen. Occupy art lovers of all ages by setting a few tables with these neat coloring table cloths. Make sure you have plenty of washable crayons or markers on hand–big people love to color too!
  4. Look to serve others. Instead of having a traditional sit-down meal, grab your family and make Thanksgiving day a day of service by serving meals to the homeless and less fortunate. Indianapolis has several organizations that would be more than thankful for your help. Connect with them here or here.
  5. Savor the moment.  After the last plate is cleared, the last guest has gone home, and the last piece of pie is devoured, sit back and take stock of all the things you have to be thankful for. No, your house isn’t always Pinterest ready, but you have a roof over your head. You may not have a personal chef, but you have food in your belly (and it was still probably quite tasty!). Your family members might drive you crazy at times, but you have a family to get on your nerves. Take a moment to look around see how blessed you really are.

Thanksgiving will always be a day full of hustle and bustle. Make the most of it this year, by keeping it simple and be present in the day. And remember, there is ALWAYS something to be thankful for.

For more fun ways to get your littles involved this Thanksgiving, head here


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