Candace Boyd Wylie

Candace is MidWestern born and bred food lover. She currently resides in Indianapolis, Indiana Candace is a graduate of Huntington University, where she earned degrees in Organizational Management and Not for Profit Leadership. She is a self-taught home chef who loves to make family recipes and cultivate new flavors. She shares food for your belly and food for your soul at foodlovetog.com In addition to being a lover of family, Candace works with community organizations like Center of Wellness for Urban Women to address issues from food insecurities to self care.

Easy Recipe: Apple Nachos

Fall favorites are here. Apples, pumpkins, and ciders of all kinds. What else does fall bring? Bonfires and tailgates. That means food! The yummies. One of my favorite things to do as the resident...

A Perfect Fall Recipe for Corn Chowder

Indiana grown corn is probably one of my favorite foodie things about living in this region. I've eaten corn all over the country and I still come back to Indiana knowing that it is...

Kitchen Tips for the Cook in You

I'm a cook's cook. I love learning, I love eating, I love taking something and making it magical and tasty. By the young age of 6, I was already crafting up menus and had...

Grill It Up! Tips for Grilling Season

The weather is warming up and we know that you’ll be gearing up for grilling season. The smells, the sounds, it’s all fun and games until you char the burgers and ruin the shindig....

Roasted Tomato Basil Soup

Soups on!! This has become my mantra when the cold just won't quit. Even though I've been an Indiana resident all of my life, the cold weather still shocks my system and jolts me!...

Meal Prepping for Mamas

"How do you do it all?" they ask. "All" as in clean little people, feed them the foods they will tolerate, get them ready for school unscathed, and manage to do all of the...

A Holiday (Gathering) to Remember

The end of the year holiday season is probably one of my most favorite times of the year. It's when I do my best work in the kitchen entertaining and making treats to share....

Easy Peasy, Kid Friendly Recipes

Kid friendly recipes are all the rage right now. There a numerous sites, blog post and social media groups devoted to making foods that kids will enjoy. And rightfully so, kids have unique little...

PCOS Awareness: It Doesn’t Get to Win

 I remember hearing the words like it was yesterday. " We believe the issues you are having are a result of PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome." Poly-what? As I sat in my OBGYN's office, I remember...

Keep Going: My Breastfeeding Experience

When I found out I was pregnant, after the initial shock of "what the heck?" wore off, I went straight into planning mode. Planning the birth, planning the room, planning the shower, and planning...

Sweet Tea Sangria

School's out, the weather is right, and it's time to unwind! One of my favorite things about Summer is the bounty of delicious fruit that I can just gobble up. Not only does it...

A Mother’s Day My Way

The month of May has arrived and we now live in a world where Mothers and Mother's Day is all that the media cares to show. Totally cool. I get it. This life of...

Rosemary Ricotta Scones

There is something special about a tasty piece of bread. It's one of my cravings on a rainy day, sunny day... pretty much any day. Because of this, bread baking is kind of my thing....

5 Times I Chose Myself Over You (A Motherhood List)

We're often told that we have to give up so much when we become mothers. On one hand, I agree, on the other.. NOPE. All of the no's that every existed in Notown. The...
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