Fighting on for Ruth Bader Ginsburg



I remember the first time I saw a picture of Ruth Bader Ginsburg in my fifth grade social studies book. You couldn’t miss her and she stood out like a sore thumb while surrounded by mostly (basically all) men. But she looked strong and I remember immediately thinking to myself, “Woah. I bet she doesn’t mess around.”

And damn, was I right.

When I heard about her death, my heart dropped and a lump instantly grew in my throat. The passing of RBG hurts. In fact, it stings really, really bad. As a working mom, I am beyond grateful for the road she paved for all of us. RBG fought hard and was our champion for women’s rights in the United States. As one of just nine women in her class of 500 at Harvard, Ginsburg refused to be seen as a lesser party just because she was a woman. Working hard, she proved that time and time again as she won five of the cases she took in front of the Supreme Court for women’s rights. RBG balanced motherhood and her career because she believed that women can and should be able to do both. Justice Ginsburg was unstoppable and unafraid. Her voice was loud for the inequalities within our country, striking down laws that banned same-sex marriage and fighting for affordable healthcare for all. She was passionate and lived up to her famous quote, “Fight for the things that you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you.”

But I’m scared.

You see, in a time where our country is more divided than ever, Ruth Bader Ginsburg stood as a character voice and example for change. And she knew this. The woman was a warrior and fought so incredibly hard until the very end because she believed in it. We live in a male dominated democracy where the power within society is defaulted to men. Women have to yell to ensure they are seen. Ruth helped open the door for women across America and now it’s our turn to continue on.

We will keep on fighting.

As mothers, it’s important to carry on the legacy of the Notorious RBG. We must raise our children – especially our daughters – to use their voices and stand tall in places where that hasn’t always been the case. It’s not about proving that we are capable, because we already know that is a fact. It’s about empowering people to speak up about what we know is right and what we deserve. Justice Ginsburg was ambitious and a believer. Talk about your children’s dreams and ambitions. Encourage them to reach for the stars. We must plant the seed now and grow a courageous generation. Let them know that their dreams are attainable and always worth the fight.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a mover, a shaker, and champion for civil rights. She was a warrior who refused to give up. My heart hurts knowing we no longer have her strength in our presence but I also know that it’s my turn to fight for her. We must rise up to continue her legacy, start a revolution of voices and raise a strong generation to continue her movement.

Thank you, RBG for being the unstoppable you.

Visit this website to register to vote in this year’s election. Vote for Ruth. She would expect it.

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