Fridays Are for Family


Family time can often be the first thing to go when our lives become hectic. Work, school, activities, social time, friends, family, etc. It’s a lot. And while my work schedule affords me the opportunity to do so, family-focused Fridays are my top priority. At first, I thought it would be hard, to shut it off and focus on our family, but the longer we continue this tradition, the more magical our Fridays become. And thus, in our house, Fridays are for family.

The struggle is real

When my son was born, I was working from home for a public relations firm.  I knew my transition back into the working world would be a tough one splitting my hours across the five-day work week is always a bit complicated. I decided that I would try and make Friday’s a mommy and me day. Just Andrew and I and some fun. However, as I transitioned back after my maternity leave that day became increasingly suffocated with work calls and emails. The struggle working moms (and even stay at home moms) often have was real! I wasn’t completely shutting it off, and Andrew was getting the short end of the stick.  This “mommy and me” time wasn’t working.

Family comes first

I was conflicted. Like so many moms, I wanted to be professional Lauren, but I also wanted to spend time with my son. As a result, my husband and I sat down to talk and came up with a solution. I decided to attempt to take Fridays off completely (minus some emails and last-minute emergencies), and my husband would attempt to do the same since he works from home as well. It can be hard to find this special time in our hectic schedules, but even as we shove as much as possible into our 24 hour day my husband and I try to remember that family comes first. And thus Fridays we would focus on family and regardless of what else was going on in our lives, we would have fun!

Keep it simple

Our Fridays vary from time to time, but the equation is always the same. Pancakes for breakfast, often soccer and some sort of activity and lunch together. Pancakes (or waffles) on Fridays started when Andrew was born and has continued to be a staple on our Family Fridays! He is always excited to wake on Friday morning knowing that a yummy breakfast and time with mom and dad lay ahead. It doesn’t have to be something spectacular. Kids are relatively simple, and it’s the little things that often result in the most fun. So keep it simple. Ultimately, it’s the smile on his face each and every Friday morning that makes these days so much fun.

It doesn’t look the same for everyone

I try to never take for granted how lucky I am to have the opportunity to spend this time together. An amazing job that allows me the ultimate flexibility. A supportive husband. A creative and fun 2-year-old. And the best darn pancakes this side of the Mississippi. I know it’s not for everyone and I know that not everyone has the ability to take a Friday morning off either. However, I say all this to encourage families to take this time whenever you can. If it’s not a Friday, maybe it’s a Sunday afternoon or a Wednesday night after school. Just do you and remember, family time is irreplaceable and these memories everlasting. I hope I am able to pass on many traditions to my son and his future family, but Family Fridays are one I will be pushing for many years to come.

Family first!
Family first!