Who I Want You To Be: A Message For My Little Girl


Sweet little girl,

I watch you every day, navigating your universe with a fierce passion. Infectious giggles, face-melting tantrums, little bouncing blonde curls decorating your tiny, delicate neck. I look at you in awe, wondering what adventures you’ll have, who will break your heart and what will light your soul on fire.

The perk of surviving girlhood is the power of hindsight. I’ve been there. I’ve fallen and gotten back up again. I’ve felt all the emotions, made all the mistakes, lived the happiest of days…and I’d do it all again without hesitation. But the world I grew up in is quite different than yours. I want nothing but the absolute best for you, I’m your ultimate cheerleader. I vow not to relive my adolescence through you, and I promise never to stand in the way of your journey.

My baby girl, when I think of who I want you to be, these things come to mind.

Be kind.

You’ll come across so many people in this world. Each person with a different story, a different look, a different path than yours. Be kind. Every soul you cross paths with has a “why.” She might be dealing with a situation you couldn’t begin to understand. Maybe he just needs a friend at the end of the day. One day you’ll reach a point when you realize we’re all in this together. So be kind, baby girl.

Be brave.

You are capable of so much more than you think you are. There will be moments when you feel the world is crashing down on you, that you’ve bitten off more than you can chew, that you just can’t deal. You can. You will. And you’ll be fabulous, honey. Women are fierce, strong creatures. You’ve got this.

Be bold.

You know what’s right. That little voice, that feeling in your stomach, listen. Sometimes it won’t seem like the right move or the popular choice. Do it anyway. You’ll learn later on that everyone around you is too caught up in their own journey to worry for more than a few minutes about your choices. The regret of stifling a decision you know is right will last so much longer than the discomfort caused by a few stares and whispers.

Be confident.

There is no other woman in this world just like you. Own it. We’re all a little different, and one day you’ll realize that’s what makes this life worth living. Try something new. Love it, hate it, try something else the next day. Don’t base your decisions off of what the coolest girl is doing, do what you want and find your friends along the way. They’ll be better friends in the end.

Be wild.

Girlhood can seem like it lasts an eternity. But oh, my love, it’s fleeting. Be the first girl on the dance floor. Try out for the team. Tell the boy you like him. You’re young, wild and free. You’ll under-appreciate this time in your life, and that’s okay. Just like the rest of us, you’ll look back in awe of your youth once you’re on the other side. Live it up, pretty girl.

Be smart.

I’m not talking about your report card or your test scores. Be smart about the choices you make for you. Invest in yourself. Read more. Talk to people that have had experiences you haven’t. Push yourself. Navigating your youth is a tricky task, but you’ll never regret a decision made with your best interest in mind. Say yes when it feels right, and say no when it doesn’t. No explanation needed. We’re all on your team, but always make sure you’re in the driver’s seat.

Be you.

My little girl, you’re already on your journey. Your beautiful, strong personality is forming, and you’re on your way to who you’re destined to become. You’re painting a picture, and you won’t be able to appreciate the magnificence until you’re older and wiser. Every laugh, every tear, every mistake, and victory, it’s all part of the plan. Be you, precious girl.