Meet Our Indianapolis Moms: Megan Federer


Hey ladies, I’m Megan, the blonde widow with a sailor’s mouth.

I’m born a proud Indiana Hoosier and bonafide city girl. Growing up I couldn’t wait to escape the small town I was raised in (Remington, Indiana, it’s near the windmills on 65)  and move on to bigger pastures. After high school, I left the prairie and never looked back. Once I hit the beautiful campus of Indiana University, I hooked up with my husband, Brandon, and spent the next 15 years with him, until he died of brain cancer in January of 2015. We have one mini-me, Emme, who is eight and while she’s really cute, she never shuts up. 

After I entered the widowhood, I moved my daughter and me to Broad Ripple, where I am the FACE of the IPS High Ability Program and she attends CFI 84. When I’m not writing for Indy Moms, you can guarantee I am drinking copious amounts of rosé, while shopping online, thinking what in the actual heck about everything, watching all things Bravo (I yearn to be a RHONY), and writing my own blog, Blonde Is the New Widow. You should check it out.  

I am really proud to be a part of the Indy Moms Blog Writer community. It’s been interesting to read all the different opinions and styles of writing. Plus, I’ve met some pretty amazing women along the way.