“Mommy, Why Do You Have Lines on your Head?”


This morning my sweet little 4-year-old son woke up, gave me a kiss, and innocently looked at me and asked, “Mommy, why do you have lines on your head?”. At first, his question confused me, as I had just gotten out of bed and had yet to look in the mirror. After a few seconds, I quickly glanced at my no makeup face and instantly saw the “lines” he was referring to. Those lines are called wrinkles. In that moment, I smiled. Probably the first time in history someone has smiled over wrinkles on their forehead, right? After all, some people pay to have those pesky things taken care of! So, at 7am my son got me thinking about those “lines” on my head, and after reflection, this is my response to him…

My Precious Boy,

Those lines on Mommy’s head are called wrinkles. They are proof that mommy is living a great, blessed, and often tired life. Those lines symbolize all the hard work of parenting. They remind me of the sleepless nights, the worried moments, the fears, the tears of joy, tears of sorrow, the miracle of your birth, and all the moments in between.

Those lines symbolize my endless love and protection for you and your sister. Those lines are proof that my life is being filled with experiences, blessings, and trials, that shape me into the woman I am today. Those lines are like battle scars, showing that while I have faced lots of trials and tribulations in my life, I am still here, standing, gaining more “lines” as the years go on. I will wear them proudly, even if I don’t think they are one of my finest accessories. Those lines, my boy, are a visual representation that I am getting older, wiser and hopefully better equipped at this parenting and life thing.

Thank you for your innocent question, for it has brought a lot of reflection this morning. It’s reminded me of all the blessings that have led up to this moment, becoming a parent has been my biggest one. The day your sister made me a mother, my biggest dream came true. Years later, you came, and my heart became bigger than I knew possible. In a couple of months your new brother will enter our lives and once again show me the power of love, devotion and sacrifice. Those lines on my forehead will multiply as the years go on, but so will the many blessings in our lives. To me, that seems like a fair trade.

One day, sweet boy, you’ll have lines on your forehead. Instead of resenting them, I hope you remind yourself that they are there because of love, because of experiences, and because of the many adventures that have made you who you are. Be proud of those lines and every moment that created them.

Thank you for the lines, the humbling moment to reflect on them, and all the blessings that being your mother is providing.



P.S- Now that you’ve made me realize the beauty and value in those “lines”, I promise to stop editing them from pictures. I wouldn’t erase the memories and experiences that caused those lines, so I will no longer erase them from photographs. You are only 4, but you teach me so much with each innocent question. Thank you for keeping me humble and constantly growing. I love you to the moon and back.



  1. Wow! Your reflections on the common happenings in life are beautiful. You
    put into words the experiences of life that we all have as parents, but haven’t
    taken the time to write about them. Thank you for taking the time. A delightful read!

  2. Oh my, you say it so perfectly.. I remember when you told me about Hutson asking..so glad you wrote about it. Keep writing as you are fantastic. Love Aunt Sue

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