What Moms Really Want For Christmas


What moms want for ChristmasIt’s the Holidays and you are in panic mode. You have absolutely no idea what to get your wife or your Mom. I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Mom is usually the least difficult person to buy for on your list. Here are some ideas that are sure to put a smile on her face and warmth in her heart on Christmas morning.

The Things Money Can’t Buy

  • Sleep!! For Pete’s sake! Let us sleep! Not only does it make us feel great and well rested, it makes us better Mothers.
  • Put the toilet seat up/down. How many times do we really need to ask of this? It’d be such a holiday treat to not sit in someone else’s urine!
  • Help clean up on Christmas (or any day for that matter)! Do you even know how much preparation goes into hosting the holidays? Pitch in and lend a hand!
  • Time alone with Netflix. I just want some time alone with my Netflix, okay? I’m totally invested in these characters and it’s really important I watch the next 6 episodes right this minute.

Things That Melt Our Hearts

  • Anything homemade and from the heart. Now that my son is 16, I really miss and cherish those handmade ornaments he made in school when he was younger. He did make me a Christmas card by hand last year and it was the sweetest gift ever. Major brownie points!
  • Help me decorate! I love to decorate for the holidays and really miss the excitement that once filled the house when my son was little. Spend a little time with Mom by getting into the festivities and decorating. Or even watching an old Christmas classic together!
  • Telling us how much we are appreciated. While this is something that should always be done, hearing it during the hustle and bustle of the holidays helps keep the Christmas cheer going strong!

Store-bought items

  • If you really want to get us something store bought, think of something we would appreciate, like a massage or a manicure. Gifts that promote pampering are always a good idea!
  • A good book! So many Moms love to read any chance they get and books are a great escape from the daily grind! Plus, it gives us something to do while waiting in the carpool line at school.
  • Something sentimental. Maybe an ornament or trinket that symbolizes the bond we share together. 

Not-So-Good Gift Ideas

  • Something you really want for yourself. Nothing puts a damper on Christmas morning like receiving the latest Chia Pet or putty that fills a hole in a speedboat the size of a small child.
  • Power tools. Usually, a “NO’ unless we ask for them.
  • The latest weight loss gadget. Look, I know I’ve got junk in my trunk, but the latest Thunder Thigh Blaster or Jelly Belly Buster isn’t a good idea for a gift. 

Now that you have a few ideas, think of that special person and what is most meaningful to them. Put some thought and give from the heart and I promise, she will absolutely love it.

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Megan Gilbert-Dahl
Megan was born and raised in Northwest Indiana where she currently resides with her husband Russell and 3 spirited boys; Reece (16), Mason (9), and Charlie (1). She graduated in 2011 with a Bachelor's in Nursing from Purdue University Northwest. After dedicating 5 amazing years to Maternal/Child Nursing, Megan decided to leave bedside nursing to work inside the home as a SAHM. When not up to her elbows in diapers, Megan enjoys music, fashion, and interior design. She also enjoys traveling and spending time with her 3 sisters/best friends. You can soon follow Megan's adventures in her upcoming blog "Learning to Have Patients."