My Next Step at Work: Waiting for the Right Opportunity



I have learned that the best things in my life come to me when I’m not forcing it. My first job (they found me on Monster), our home (we were actually trying to get a fixer-upper instead and our offer wasn’t accepted), etc. but it is so hard for me with my Taurus personality to go with the flow rather than with my well-thought-out plan. I need to remind myself of this as I plot my career path at work. But, I can’t help feeling antsy. I know that I’m capable of so much. I know I’m not like everyone else around me at work and I will do big things.

I’m succeeding in my job. I have a great work-life balance because I “get it” at work and it comes naturally to me. Because of that, I can relax at home and not be anxious about my work. Feeling relaxed makes me believe it is time to move on (up) to my next role in my company. But, I’m not necessarily passionate about the next role in the natural progression for those in my career at my company. I know that I’d enjoy it enough, but it doesn’t feel special to me. I want to influence more, I want to be visible to leadership, and I want to lead change in the company.

Maybe the next role for me doesn’t exist yet. Maybe I should relax and enjoy the current state for a little while. Maybe what is unique for me isn’t here yet, but it will be. It will come and I will jump on — no, I will be asked to step up to — the opportunity. I will rock it. And, the beautiful thing is, even though whatever it is will certainly be hard work, it will be hard work that is worth it and that is fun and exciting! And when work is fun and exciting, it won’t feel like “work.” It will energize me. And when I can feel energized and passionate about my work, my family will benefit as well. Work-life balance isn’t about how many hours I work versus stay at home but is the personalized balance within me. What feels right inside of me. As long as I can accomplish that, life will be perfectly balanced. So, for now, I’ll wait. I’ll keep succeeding at my current role and I’ll be open when the right opportunity, that thing that is special and unique just for me, comes along, I’ll be ready.

If you want to ignite a spark inside of you about listening to your gut, I highly encourage you to check out Catherine Reitman’s TED talk. And, a huge THANK YOU to fell Indianapolis Mom, Lauren, for showing me this inspiring video!