My Top Five of 2020


I am admittedly a cynic at my black heart. Not really empathetic and I feel my bluntness is more honest and less glass have full, so a list of positivity is sort of out of my realm but here I am. 2020 was a doozy, we all know it, but in there, some real gems made the whole dumpster fire of a year worth waking up every day. 

Let me walk you chronologically through my top five. 

  1. I met a love of my life. Right before the shiz hit the fan, I met Steven and it’s the best part of my 2020. Once lockdown went into effect, we made the decision to quarantine together, so to speak, and being with him through that, as a single parent/widow, 100% saved my sanity. We’re a Covid Bumble love story and I’m proud of it. You will read more about us in February’s post. 
  2. 2020 was all about binging shows and I fully participated in this Quarantine Olympic Sport. The first show I binged with Steven was the wonderfully addicting gift that was Love Is Blind. Remember when Jessica was the person we all hated most? Simpler times. Next on the binge list was the man, the myth, and the legend, Joe Exotic. God, he was great television. Watching his crazy life unfold before your eyes was more dramatic and shocking than any housewives reunion. Remember the iconic triple pink shirt wedding? The eyebrow that was consistently hanging on by it’s one last hair? Or the guy who gave his one on one interview in the bathtub, with a slurpy. Iconic. I miss those days.
  3. Quarantine was a major pain in the keester but Hollywood to our rescue by streaming new movie releases. And Hamilton. Let me say this again. I watched Hamilton, for free, on my own damn couch, with a full bottle of good wine, and not in some dark theatre where I most likely would’ve fallen asleep out of boredom (don’t come at me, I’m just not a fan of musicals). That’s money right there. Legit, I would rather, going forward, pay the $25 and watch all new releases at home. Screw Flix Brewhouse, I have better wine and food for my viewing. Convenience is key and Hollywood nailed it. 
  4. As you know, I’m a widow and I’m also a huge Grey’s Anatomy fan. Been there since day one and I’ll hold on tight till the end. Meredith Grey and I lost our husbands in the same year and while I highly identified with her pre-McDreamy death, I did so even more as a widow. Watching her widow journey is always therapeutic to me even though it’s oddly not a big part of the show (don’t even get me started). Let me tell you, it takes a lot to shock me, and when McDreamy reappeared with Meredith in the season opener….speechless. Finally, my girl was given a moment with her man after FIVE YEARS. Shonda tossed us a real treat and it made my entire year. Seriously. 
  5. Finally, the other big one. Joe Biden. For the love of Nordstrom, our country was saved and we can now look forward to a compassionate, human of a President. I still tear up of the text I received saying he won. I am more hopeful than I have been in the past four years about the trajectory of our country. I am not afraid anymore for my daughter and all other women who make up the United States of America. I know how divided we are but I hope he can help bring us back together.

In the end, I give 2020 a solid 8/10. McDreamy came back, Biden won the election, my daughter and I are both healthy, we haven’t had Covid, we haven’t lost anyone we know to it, I have a job, and our home, and I found a man to share my life with. 

Raise your glasses high because I think 2021 will be even better.