Finding Sisterhood


“Every woman who heals herself, helps heal all the women who came before her, and all those who come after her.”–Christiane Northrup

women-697928_1920When I embarked on my journey to motherhood, I lived three hours away from my sister. As close as we were, I had a hard time being a pregnant newlywed who was the first of her friends to have a baby.

My sisterhood expanded when I became a mother. My midwife had events for new moms, so one night, I carted my son to Mommy & Me Yoga to make some mom friends.

I met three amazing people that night, two of them fellow first time mommas that I have become very close to in the last three years. So when one of them told me about a Sacred Release she was attending, I was on board and ready to purge the negatives from my life. To find peace in knowing that I am, in fact, a great mother, even when it gets hard.

What I experienced that night was unique; it was unlike any of the women-only events I had ever been to. The energy was electric as we drew cards and read about Goddesses, all of them blessing us with their presence. As the heat lightning flashed and the thunder growled, we moved indoors to talk. Then, once the rain stopped, we went down to the creek to throw rocks, symbolizing the burdens we carry, giving our fears up to the universe. I walked away feeling lighter than ever.

The path to sisterhood I had been searching for was finally realized. I opened myself up to an even more powerful honoring ceremony two days later. Soul gazing and holding space for women of all stages helped me to be vulnerable in order to gain a new sense of self and to honor my own well being, as well as my children’s.

This summer, I will fill myself up. I will be the mother, sister, friend, and lover that I know I can be, that I truly want to become. I was looking for a sisterhood, and I found it with Sacred Indy.