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I was pretty sure I was pregnant. I’ve always been safe and never had sex without using condoms. Yet, there were certain occasions when I would notice the condom was already off before the sex even finished.

Sure enough, shortly thereafter, I began to feel nauseous and couldn’t eat. To put punctuation on it — I can’t help but enjoy a good pun– I missed my period. I really was scared to do so, but I went to the store, purchased a pregnancy test, and examined the results: pregnant.

I found other young Moms at is a health services platform that connects women who are pregnant and allows us to talk in a video conference, for free. BrightBod also connects women with other Women’s Health concerns (i.e., Breast Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Depression, Overweight, etc.).

Select Medical ConditionI was able to speak with another woman who was also pregnant, one-on-one. To do this, I signed up at (free and took 30 seconds), selected “My Avatar” (on the left-side navigation) and then selected “Pregnancy” as my medical condition.

I clicked on the symbol for “Pregnancy” and was connected to everyone else on the website, who also selected “Pregnancy.” I chose a woman with a big smile at random, whom I had never met, and sent her a Video Conference request.

She mentioned a few things right away that helped me put being pregnant in perspective. She told me that, when she got pregnant, she wasn’t sure if she’d still be able to have sex, which was a question I also wanted answered for myself. She mentioned (and other women on subsequently confirmed) that sex is typically safe up until delivery (because the baby is protected by the uterus and the amniotic sac), but women who are at risk for premature labor should abstain from having sex. Yet, how was I supposed to know if I was a premature labor risk? I decided to save that question for the group.

Video Conference Support Groups Pregnancy offers a Pregnancy Support Group (in a video conference, like Skype, etc.). The free video conference Support Groups at allow up to 20 women to be in the same video conference, at the same time. They also have many video conference Support Groups for all kinds of Women’s Health issues. is also paying women to lead a 30-minute video conference Support Group once a week. Do it from your couch, just like Skype (for half an hour) and they’ll pay you.

For more information, email [email protected].

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