Snow Day!


Don’t you all just love a good snow day?! I was born and raised in Greenwood. Growing up I remember on snowy days they would joke on the radio that the only places open were the local Village Pantry and Greenwood Schools. I am no stranger to snow.  When my husband, John, and I met he worked in retail. We were transferred quite a bit over the course of 12 years. During those 12 years we got married and added two sons to our family. They were both born in Florida.

We moved back to Indiana in the spring of 2016. Now if you remember last winter was very mild. I never got the chance to show my wilds a true Indiana winter. Well this year that finally changed! I know that people scoff at the cold and the snow. Not us! We take full advantage of the winter wonderland set out before us.

The day after the first snow of the season this year John woke up like an excited child on Christmas morning. He hurried us all out of bed to get on our snow gear and get the sleds ready. He was antsy to go sledding. We bundled up, loaded up the car, and headed to Forest Park. The wilds excitement just kept building the whole drive to the park.

After a small trek it was finally time to go down the hill. Watching the pure joy on the kids’ faces is magic. It brings me right back to my childhood. John convinced me to sled down the hill too. I have not been sledding in years. I thoroughly enjoyed getting lost in the moment and just playing in the snow with my family. We did not have a care in the world that morning.

My boys could stay out in the snow all day my husband included. I think they have super powers that allow them to not feel the cold. I eventually had to pull my mommy card because the temperature kept dropping. With lots of protests we headed back to the car. The whole way home we recounted all the fun we had just had on the hill.

It is mornings like these that I hope my boys hold in their memories. I know that I do. It is good for the soul to take some time to just enjoy the simple pleasures in life. It fills my heart to experience the world through the eyes of my children. We jump at any chance we get to put down the tech and enjoy the great outdoors, snow and all.