Staying Afloat This Winter


Some days are better than others. We understand that and have lived that our whole lives; we know that some days we are cruising along, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, we’re belting out our favorite song and we have everything going our way. And then other days we feel like a splattered bug on a windshield.

With cold weather imminent, and the long winter months approaching, it’s especially a time when the little things matter and we appreciate a boost here and there. You know, like, “Hey, you’re so smart” or “Your butt is looking gooooood!”

Ok, so maybe not those exact phrases, but any kind of positive words or gestures can really go a long way: People actually smiling and making eye contact instead of looking the other way or pretending they don’t see you. Fast food workers actually remembering your condiments (tee hee). Shoppers putting carts back in the corral so damage isn’t caused to nearby cars. Your spouse not freaking out because you went a little overboard at Target (for the second time in one month. Oops, but c’mon, Target is life). Again, it’s the little things.

So, for those days where things aren’t quite in sync, or we feel like curling up into a ball in the corner, or hiding from the world or crying ourselves to sleep or screaming obscenities, this list is just for you; a list of reasons you can smile, laugh or at least function and truly know that, as the cliche goes, this, too, shall pass:

Top 10 reasons you CAN:

1) Because things eventually have to go uphill.

They just have to, right? And when they do, you will look back at the tough times and say, “Whew! I got through it!” Life isn’t always babies and kitties and roses and sunshine, but on the days things go our way, we of course absolutely love it. Ultimately, we can truly learn to appreciate our great days because of the bad days.

2) You already did the hardest thing ever…

If you’re a mom, you seriously have already done the hardest thing ever…you’re raising tiny humans! And, if you gave birth, bonus points if you didn’t poop during the process. But if you did, hey, it’s ok, because doo doo happens (literally). You, mamas, are rock stars, all the way, all day, #errday.

3) Diet Coke from McDonald’s

Because, $1! And oh heyyyyy, it is the best-tasting Diet Coke around. Sheer happiness in a cup. And if you’re more a sweet tea kind of person, hey, that’s $1, too!

4) You have people who rely on you.

Daily. Think about how many people you impact on a daily basis. Think about how many people love you. And think about how many things you do each and every day that enrich the lives of your loved ones and those around you. You are invaluable, and you are loved. Just as you often love unconditionally, you are loved unconditionally. So you CAN persevere because, well, you are needed and your family, your circle and your world just does not work well without you feeling and acting like you.

5) You have support…use it.

Some of us mamas want to do it all. We don’t want to be perceived as weak or needy by asking for help. It is so important though to recognize asking for help is not at all a weakness. You need to be the best version of you to be the best mom, wife, partner, friend, employee, whatever…and if being the best version of you entails asking for help once in a while, then that is totally ok. YOU are ok.

6) Always believe something wonderful is about to happen.

Even if it’s something as small as a buy one, get one free coupon to your favorite restaurant or your toddler not leaving her Capri Sun straw wrapper on the floor for the zillionth time or you being able to fit into your jeans from three years ago, maintaining a positive mindset and being open to the idea great things are about to happen can only benefit you and your health. Let’s face it, this might be cheesy or hokey or whatever other word, but it’s absolutely true: The more you focus on good, the more good you are likely to experience. And, when it seems like everything is going wrong, and your day/week/month has felt like a total poop show, always remember that somehow, something is going right, and you just may not know it yet. Within bad times good still exists, even if it’s temporarily overshadowed, and being open to awareness of the good is so important. And, on a side note, I realize I have now referenced poop at least twice so far in this blog. #momlife

7) Because you’re you.

You are the only you out there, so darn right, you can. What does that mean? It means you can do whatever you are willing to make effort or changes or attempts to do. So many women struggle with self-image and pick themselves apart on many levels, making them their own worst enemy. So stop that, eliminate excuses, make it positive and remember you are worth any steps needed to improve yourself or make yourself happier for you and those around you.

8) There are no guarantees in life.

What things we take for granted sometimes: Being able to see, smell, touch, feel, hear, walk, run, and so much more. We have this gift of life, and we are inevitably a gift to many people in our lives. Life always, always, always throws us twists and turns; we have all witnessed and/or experienced loss. The bottom line is that as scary as the thought is, we, or people we love, are not guaranteed anything. People lose jobs, people get sick and people pass away, sometimes unexpectedly. We all need to revel in and appreciate now so we are not experiencing regrets later.

9) You’ve made some bad decisions in your life…

Or three. Or a dozen. Ok, maybe more like 100. But the great news is you are still here, rocking it, so, yay! And as a bonus, hopefully you weren’t tagged in any embarrassing pictures on social media while making those bad decisions… 

10) This. Too. Shall. Pass.

No matter what you are enduring, you can get through it. Remind yourself that life goes in waves and cycles and your days will undoubtedly contain ups and downs. The good news is you can start your day over again at any time, any minute or any moment. On those especially tough days, remember you CAN, and that this, too, shall pass.