Staying Positive During E-Learning


First off, I’d just like to say to all the people who do know me, I too am surprised that I’m writing this piece. The unicorn and rainbow life is so not me, I am more like a blonde foul mouthed Wednesday Adams.

But I digress.

As a singlest mom (widow, no husband or baby daddy to help with my child – also I’m going to trademark this phrase.), being home with my daughter since March has been taxing, to say the least. I’m over it and not afraid to say it. 

When I found out we were going virtual until October, all I could muster was a big f word that rhymes with truck. Do I believe it’s for the best? 100%. Do I want to continue to live 24/7 in this house with only my nine-year-old daughter for another six weeks? That’s a huge no. I love her but Jesus take the wheel because it’s time for a little separation.

Somewhere along the way, I read something powerful about how we as parents react, will mirror how our children respond to things and I found it particularly impactful for what’s happening right now.

As my daughter was on the verge of a meltdown, I hiked up my big girl pants and decided to turn this show around. I looked at her and said, you know what, we’ve been through way worse (dead dad anyone?) and we can last another six weeks. Let’s make up a list of silver linings. 

Her mood shifted and she nodded her head in agreement. Check and mate.

This is what we came up with:

Extra Tilly Time: At the end of September our new pug puppy is coming home to us and we’ll be able to spend way more time with her and can train her more quickly since we’ll be home. God help us.

No lice: I feel like this is self-explanatory but once you’ve been hit with lice, you are forever looking over your shoulder making sure it never returns. No school equals no lice. 

Less chance of getting sick: Without being around a bunch of other people and their germs on a daily basis, we can continue living a little more safely. The fewer hospitals and doctors we see, the better.

No drama: Girl moms, you hear me. Without the playground to talk shop, our little angels can’t be Petty Crocker.

No masks: While we are supportive of the mask movement, Emme not having to wear one at home all day was a little ray of sunshine during these difficult times. 

Once we finished our list, homegirl and I realized we could handle six more weeks. It’s not our first choice, but in life sometimes you have to readjust to Plan B and move forward (know all about that life). 

Best of luck to all the families out there trying to make this time a little more enjoyable. Do your part, wear your mask, and don’t hug people because we really need to get back to school. Also, rub your crystals that little Tilly isn’t a hellion and ruin my house. I can’t take any more in 2020.