Life with a toddler– aka Toddlerdom– is no joke. Tonight I got all the recycling and trash out to the street, looked around, and realized I was a day early. My next thought: I’ve gone too far to go back.

Real Life

Let me give you a visual. Yesterday I’m watching my oldest at gymnastics while hanging with my toddler. On one side is a gymnasium and on the other a pool. My toddler was absolutely convinced that she had to be naked and go jump in the pool in front of everyone. I was literally doing everything I could to keep the child’s clothes on. She’s screaming and crying yanking her clothes off and I’m chasing her desperately trying to keep them on.

The last couple weeks have been physically and mentally exhausting. My youngest has only slept through the night a couple times. I feel like we are back in the newborn stage. The trouble is that I was mentally prepared for the newborn stage, and am definitely not this time around. The struggle to survive a two-year-old is real and she isn’t even two for another month. 

I absolutely don’t have it together as a parent or spouse right now and find strength in admitting that. The few moments I have felt centered are when I am able to connect with other moms. One of the favorite parts of my day today was connecting with a fellow mom picking her kiddo up from camp. It was such a surprise to make a great connection with someone new and was an amazing stress reliever.

On Repeat

This is not my first time at the rodeo. My oldest was definitely challenging in her own way, but I clearly forgot all of the day in and day out struggles of toddlerdom. My baby is doing her best to assert herself and her opinion at every moment, then wrestles with emotions she strongly feels but doesn’t understand yet. I try and try to remind myself of that. When I ask for a hug and she gives me that sweet smile before she lunges for me, I know it is worth it.

P.S. The football hold is my go-to for carrying a very strong and upset toddler.

P.P.S. It is also an awesome way to skip the gym.