When a Toddler Needs Momma Most


Pooping, its what brings us together!

Lately, my little guy has been favoring his Daddy. Simply put, in his two-year-old mind, Dad is more fun than Mom. Reading my previous posts will detail the journey this has been for me.  

At one point last week I was attempting to play ball with my son and husband when my son looked as me as serious as can be and said, “No momma, go inside and cook.”  Cue eye roll.  

I died a little inside that day. How could my toddler have already succumbed to the mom stereotypes? Undeterred, I kept my resolve. I encouraged my husband to bring my son inside while I make dinner, allowing me to be involved in playtime as well. Despite getting the shaft in playtime, there are subtle reminders that my son still needs and wants me. The main example being my son’s pooping habits. Yes, pooping.

My kiddo doesn’t “go” easily. As with many kids his age, pooping can be quite the production. So when my son started asking to hold my hand during the “go,” I had to giggle. Gross? Maybe, but after being pushed to the sidelines, I will take it. When he struggles, he runs to me for a belly rub and snuggles. In fact, anytime he’s hurt or sick or has to “go,” he doesn’t run to Dad. Nope, all he wants is Momma.

I may not have the luxury of being the fun parent, but I am the one that gives cuddles and kisses when he needs them the most. Those moments are worth every bad whiff. And quite frankly, this momma will take what she can get. 


  1. Love this! Such a good reminder to be thankful for those times when we are needed/loved (even when not glamorous:)). My 3 year old has been like this for months now and it’s been a struggle for me!

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