I Wore Leggings as Pants and I Liked It.

Are leggings pants?
Are leggings pants?


I couldn’t help but chuckle a little this week when the story came out that United Airlines forced two girls to change their clothes after they tried to board their flight wearing leggings.  SAY WHAT?  Yes, that is an actual news story.
As it turns out, the story was a complete PR nightmare for them.  The passengers were “pass riders” that were traveling for free and thus have a stricter dress code.  Meaning, no leggings.  So without getting too deep into how dress codes privilege some group norms over others…
I want to make a true confession. So in honor of my ongoing Katy Perry obsession I can now state that, I wore leggings as pants and I liked it.
As a mom of a one year old, comfort is key. So before boarding a five-hour flight to San Diego last week, I looked for the most comfortable outfit in my closet and leggings took the cake. So I threw them on with a “semi-long” sweatshirt and tennis shoes and took off. To my surprise, I couldn’t have been more relaxed and the flight couldn’t have gone better. The leggings can’t be responsible for my one year old not having a complete meltdown, but my comfort sure made the flight easier on me.
So this begs the question, did anyone care that I was wearing leggings?  Not sure.  But I am pretty certain I didn’t get any wayward stares.  Except for the lack of pockets, I never felt like my leggings were any different from skinny jeans.   So what is the problem?  
Several tweets struck me following the United Airlines story this week…these in particular…
‪@united@PattyArquette Friendly Advice, United: No one is nearly as offended by a little girl in spandex as they are by this situation.
Agree, Nick Bolton, I agree.
Or this one in response to an article from the Detroit Free Press on the issue:
@lindsayburgor said:   well I’m still going to wear yoga leggings as pants so…
Thank you @lindsayburgor, me too. 
During my many travels, I have seen some pretty crazy outfits at the airport. And yet, I’ve never seen a flight attendant stop someone from getting on the plane, “pass rider” or not. Rest assured, I am not claiming to be the end all be all on this subject. But in a world where there are so many more pressing issues, does it really matter if we wear leggings as pants on a plane or otherwise?  This is certainly about women’s lib, rights, and bodies, but this isn’t the post where we are going to discuss that. Leggings are pants. Just because they’re tight doesn’t mean they’re not pants. If you want to argue, don’t do it here: I challenge you to talk to your closest LuLaRoe rep. 
So while I am not a “pass rider” on United or any other airline, the next time I get the urge to sport those oh so comfy black pants on another flight I may choose an airline that will support my comfort.
At least I know Delta has my back.
@Delta said: Flying Delta means comfort. That means you can wear your leggings.


  1. Lauren, I knew I liked you. I’m obsessed with Katy Perry as well. #Katycat I drug my husband to Nashville to see her live in concert for her Prism tour two years ago. And no, I don’t care what ANYONE else thinks about it!

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