Writing is My Love Language


Writing is my love language. Always has been, always will be. Yes, I love a great, deep conversation in person, but write me a letter and I go weak in the knees. Unfortunately, these days writing is a lost art. A text, a gchat or even a snap chat all seem to come before a simple written note or letter. But I still love it.  According to the US Postal Service April is National Letter Writing Month and I think we all need to take time to remember how a quick note or letter can make someone’s day. Here are few fun ideas you can do this month to get back to your roots with a pen and paper.

Writing is my love language.

Write a love note.

Easy peasy. When I moved in with my then boyfriend, now husband, I left him a note every morning. (I know, overkill.) But it was so special for us. Whoever left the house first got a sticky note on the mirror with a wish for a great day and a reminder of how much love we shared. Now 11 years later, this practice still exists between the two of us. So whether it’s a card for no reason, a thank you or just a simple “I love you” on a post it, its all a sure fire way to make your partner’s day. (Truth be told, I still cry every time a card is left on my desk or car.)

Love notes.
Love notes from my hubs.

Send a friend who you see daily something special via snailmail.

A couple weeks back I got a card in the mail. In between the junk and the ads, was a card addressed to me for no reason. I opened it to find a card from one of my best friends. The kind note probably took her less than 5 minutes to write, but it made my week. Even though we might see our friend’s daily, sometimes a kind note or letter can mean the world.

Send a friend that you haven’t talked to in forever a letter.

One of my oldest friends and I haven’t lived near each other in some time. We went to schools in different states, I studied abroad, moved to Orlando, she moved to Denver, etc. etc. etc. But in the midst of all of that we wrote letters. Sure we talked on the phone occasionally, but those letters were what connected us. We don’t do it very often anymore, but this month I am definitely going to try to write her once again.

Send a card to someone who is struggling.

A text is a really nice gesture, but the writing of a quick card to someone in your life that needs a little boost can be just what that person needs to rebound. The written word is powerful, so use it for good not evil.

Thank you!
When in doubt, send a thank you note.

Send a thank you.

Thank you notes are a requirement in my family. I am that girl and often find myself writing thank you’s for a thank you.   However, as crazy as it might sound, a thank you note can never be a bad thing. Thank someone for a gift, thank someone for being there, and thank someone for simply making you smile. Whether it’s a friend, a partner, a neighbor or someone new, a thank you note is always a good idea.

Writing a letter is a lost art, but it doesn’t have to be. This May and all year long, I encourage you not to think about it, but instead just write it!