Forging My Own Path In Pregnancy and Birth


You’ve probably heard the phrase “crunchy mom.” Some are loud and proud of their natural mom lifestyle, while the moms on the other end of the spectrum frown upon each and every belief of those crunchies (I think these are called “silky” or maybe “floppy” moms).

As for me, I fall somewhere in the middle. I’m what you call a “scrunchy” or “crispy” momma. I vaccinate my kids but still reach for natural remedies in my stocked homeopathic and herbal stash whenever possible. I serve Oreos with grass-fed, local milk. I homeschool my own children, yet I’m a teacher at a local school. I’m not all-or-nothing for either side, and it’s no different when it comes to pregnancy and birth. Currently pregnant with my fourth baby, my mindset and plan have changed each and every time. I’ve realized that it’s okay to forge my own path in pregnancy and birth.

With my first pregnancy, I read all of the natural birthing books, yet I still saw a regular OBGYN at the hospital. I didn’t really have a birth plan, but I knew that if I could have as close to a natural birth as possible, I’d be happy. Of course, babies have a plan all their own. I ended up being induced, and I praise the heavens daily for the gift of The Epidural. The second pregnancy came with similar complications as the first. I kept an open mind and heart, but the end result was the same. With baby number three, I dealt with fewer unexpected issues but still opted for that glorious gift (just in the nick of time at 8 centimeters)! In some aspects of pregnancy, I’ve felt in complete control. Others I’ve felt swayed one way or another, some for better and some for worse. Sometimes I made choices during pregnancy that not everyone agreed with, but let’s be real – how much of our lives have a 100% approval rating?

Now that I’ve had these three different experiences in pregnancy and birth, I knew I wanted to partly go with the flow of what’s considered acceptable by modern standards and partly swim against current. I want to keep that same open heart and mind with baby number four. Due to moving towns and jobs, I’m actually on my fourth OBGYN. My favorite was with baby number two, but she retired shortly thereafter. She was the only doctor I ever felt truly comfortable with and had 100% faith in. Doctors One and Three were not ideal. I know many moms can relate to not feeling heard or valued in a medical practice, and that feeling is even worse when you’re entrusting them with the life of your unborn child. Sidenote: Lacking adequate medical care for expecting and postpartum moms is a facet of our country that needs vast and swift revamping!

I’m still skeptical about this babe’s doctor. I’ve researched plenty and know how many options are available, but being that in-between-mom, I just haven’t quite found the exact right fit. But I’ve come to trust myself more than my doctors or the institution I’m birthing in. Will I stick with my doctor, perhaps meet Lady Pitocin and the gift of The Epidural again? Maybe. Will I hire a midwife or doula, attempting a more crunchy mom delivery as I embrace birth as a carnal lioness goddess? Perhaps. Whichever path I choose (maybe none of the above), I know that my momma’s intuition will win overall. I may be looked down upon by medical professionals for one path and by family and friends for another. I will always choose a path that is not only best for my baby, but best for me too. Because every pregnancy and birth is meaningful. My birth story is what I make it, crispiness and all.