Take a Virtual Vacation This Spring or Summer


A vacation this spring or summer sounds pretty amazing, doesn’t it?  Before you open up another tab to start searching beach Airbnbs, let me throw out an alternative. This option doesn’t have screaming kids with sand in their mouths. It doesn’t have kids fighting to take naps or getting used to a new place to sleep at night. This option allows them to eat familiar foods from home. And most importantly this option doesn’t involve ANY time in a car or on a plane with your kids. Intrigued? The answer…A virtual vacation. 

A virtual vacation, especially during a pandemic is a great way to do something fun, see the sites, and not have to put on pants.  Just a thought. You can travel around the world while seeing some of the most amazing and interactive spots on the globe.  


First, up zoos and aquariums. You can rarely touch the animals in person, so what are you missing out on? The following zoos and aquariums have done an impressive job showing a variety of animals.  The cameras are live, so it may hit or miss on your favorite animal.  Animals have to sleep too, right? 


There are a variety of museums you can visit virtually that are very interactive and engaging for people of all ages.  Take some additional time to visit the Smithsonian, as it allows you to navigate your way throughout the entire museum. Kids will love it! 

Places Around America

Head to the west coast or go east to check out a few attractions worth visiting, virtually.  Mount Rushmore is completely interactive and you’re in control the entire time.  And who wouldn’t want to go to a candy factory for their spring break?

Places Around the World

Why not do some traveling outside of the U.S? I have personally visited a few of these places, and would highly recommend checking out their virtual sites, especially the British Museum. 

Amusement Parks

Grab your barf bag, because you may need it after watching a few of these realistic roller coasters. After a few views, I started to feel queasy! Put it on the big screen and grab a box for your kids to pretend to be in the rollercoaster to make it a true amusement park experience. 

To add additional fun to your experience, get takeout of the local cuisine from the country your visiting, like eating pasta while visiting the Colosseum. Or heading to an amusement park for the afternoon? Grab one of those large bags of pre-popped popcorn and some cotton candy from the store to make it an entire experience. Nothing here on Earth interests you, try Mars. Safe travels.