Easy Peasy, Kid Friendly Recipes


Kid friendly recipes are all the rage right now. There a numerous sites, blog post and social media groups devoted to making foods that kids will enjoy. And rightfully so, kids have unique little palettes. The current trend in our threenager home, is dipping everything in applesauce. EVERYTHING. While learning the ins and outs of little people eating, I’ve found a way to help entice them a little more. Making items that are kid sized is key! My kitchen rule to live by has become it’s miniature and kid sized, they will eat it. One way I make things kid sized, is by using what I believe is an underrated workhorse in the kitchen.- a muffin tin! You can make multiple meals in one swoop with this kitchen tool.  Grab your muffin tin and get to work! Check out these recipes that can be made right in your muffin tin. 

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