Fun Fruit Kabobs


“If you put it on a stick, they will eat it.” – Some mommy guru from ancient times.

I’ve learned that if you put something tasty on a handheld, stick-like object, little people will enjoy it. That cantaloupe your little one hated yesterday; put it on a stick. Watch their little eyes widen, and watch their legs move like spiders as they head in your direction to devour said treat. Amazing how that happens. Sticks save fruit!DSC_0447

For my daughter’s 2nd birthday, I chose to forgo the traditional fruit tray and made handheld fruit kabobs for our guests. It was much easier than dealing with an extra large fruit tray to try to find space for in the fridge. Grab the recipe to a kid and party friendly treat, Fruit Kabobs below.

Fruit Kabobs
A fun, kid friendly, alternative to the traditional fruit tray.
  1. Cake Pop skewers (I estimated 2-4 skewers per person)
  2. 15 Strawberries Washed with all greenery removed.
  3. 15 Diced Watermelon Cubes
  4. 15 Medium Diced Cantaloupe Cubes
  5. 45 Green Grapes Washed
  6. 45 Red Grapes Washed
  1. Insert two grapes on each cake pop skewer top with strawberry, watermelon and cantaloupe alternating until all skewers are filled.
  2. Chill and serve with yogurt dip.
  1. Kabob skewers can be made up to 12 hours before the shindig.
  2. Fruit selection is up to you. I chose fruit that my daughter enjoys and that you can typically find in a fruit tray.