Living Whimsy: Getting Started with Crystals


crystalsSo you have been doing “all the things” to be centered, Zen, calmer, less anxious, manifesting your future goals, sound bathing, and the list goes on, but you are ready to take your interests in bohemian concepts to the next level with crystals. Where to begin and how to dip your toe into living whimsy and getting started with crystals without spending too much money on a hobby, can be a little tricky to navigate. I began my journey with crystals last summer, and it’s been such a fun, fanciful hobby that I just want to share it with everyone I meet. So let’s get started…

Q: Who uses crystals?

A: Anyone and everyone! All walks of personality turn to crystals for healing, cleansing, and good fortune in finances, love, and relationships. Believe it or not, many personality types in “high power” fast-paced power-hype careers use crystals in tandem with other entities like reiki healers, meditation sessions, and a physically fit lifestyle. Crystals aren’t just for hippies and bohemians in communes anymore! CEOs, attorneys, and therapists have joined the diatribe of believers. 

Q: Where can I buy them (and where should I not buy them)?

A: Sometimes the occasional event, convention, or booth at a farmer’s market will sell them. For these, ask some specifics like where the crystals were mined or the main purchase point. You do not want to buy inauthentic or fake crystals – those do not carry the same power behind their use as authentically organically gathered crystals. And by all means, DO NOT buy the crystals at Home Goods in the check-out line, Honeys! Step away!

Locally, two locations are guaranteed to help you with a starter pack to get you going or help you create a nice starter pack for a friend. On the north side of Indy, Urban Meditation (8487 Union Chapel Rd. Suite 780) is a great one-stop for both crystals and meditation classes. The associates can educate you on every type of stone they have, the background behind the mainstay beliefs about crystals, how they work, and even how they lose their energy and in what circumstances. For me, this is where I started my crystal journey, with a collective of four specific stones (I’ll get to the various types in a moment). They really know their stuff in this boutique, but do note that it’s a bit more luxurious in price point compared to other crystal retailers. However, I did feel like I was getting a quality experience and a set of stones with intentional meanings when I checked out. 

The other excellent Indy crystal vendor I recommend has a bit more friendly price point, and with that comes a boho aesthetic at The Local Radish (612 Main St. Beech Grove). The size of the crystals here are pleasantly surprising, and again, for a gift, comes off as very impressive while still being easy on the wallet. The store itself has everything from jewelry to handbags all in the hippie-dippy vibe range. It’s a delightful little “hidden gem” to start your crystal explorations. The stock of assorted types was the most exciting find about this store. The jewelry for sale often has crystals involved in the designs as well, so check this out for a fun little girls-day-out. 

Q: What should a beginner decide to make a priority?

A: Every person’s choice of crystals depends on what he or she is trying to perhaps purge from their day-to-day OR invite INTO their day-to-day. On the occasion in which my gal pal and I first made our purchases, she was finding a want for some growth in her personal business, so she purchased several stones relevant to career success, financial gain, and prosperity. Meanwhile, I was wanting to find a greater space for tranquility, chaos-free day-to-day after the ups and downs of Covid living, and motivated willpower to tackle new goals. We each were given the proper background on which stones to employ in our homes. We both, however, did buy a selenite crystal as the re-energizer for all other crystals we did buy and will continue to add to our collections. A large selenite is beneficial, so you can rest the others on it to transfer energies.

Q: How do I use them?

A: The options are endless. Some prefer to simply hold or rest it on their torso, over their heart or sternum during a meditation session while lying down. Others, like myself, prefer to take the occasional silent moment in the morning with a crystal or two…or three. I like to practice affirmation chants, in particular, while manifesting calm and tranquility before a particularly stressful day comes, and during the stressful family holiday season with so many events. My husband (bless him) built me a shelf solely for my crystals to reside. It does feel pretty official in that way. 

As mentioned, resting smaller crystals on a large selenite is good practice for cleansed energies. Re-energizing crystals in sunlight is commonplace in the crystal community. Be cautious with using water, check with a crystal professional on this one. For some, water is re-energizing, but not all. 

One interesting little tidbit I learned when starting my journey:

While crystals are revered as nonsense to many, one belief in the community is that they can become powerless OR their energy is simply too much for a user that isn’t ready on a personal or spiritual level. In these times, often a crystal will become lost or misplaced, and the belief is that when this occurs, the crystal’s energy is past or not a match for the intended user. It’s at this time, that the user can decide to purchase a new stone of the same kind in hopes of a new energy, or abandon that stone’s energy and seek a new type. 

Have fun with crystals! Live whimsy, simply get started! Do a tarot reading with crystals one night, with the girls! Make this your next little birthday gift to yourself. Keep it casual. Odds are that you will enjoy the process of manifesting the good vibes more than actually noticing if the energies translate, but hopefully, my tips have given you a “crystal clear” path to get started!