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Regan is a mom, recently returning to the working world. She lives on the Southeast side with husband John and son Damon. A later in life mama, she likes to share her stories of infertility and finding her way through motherhood. An artist by trade, but a self-proclaimed awesome "SideKick" she works as the Assistant to the Chairman of Radiation Oncology at IU School of Medicine.

And Then There Was the Tuna: A Pandemic Commentary of Everyday Life

I will be honest, I have started so many blog posts in my head over the past couple of weeks, but this one just keeps coming to mind. It is truly a commentary of...

SAHM to Working Mama: A Four Year Sabbatical Tale

I have started on a new path of motherhood, the path of Working Mama. For the past 4 years, I have had the pleasure of watching, playing, struggling and enjoying my “baby” grow-up. By...
Days like Today 2

A Day Like Today: The Last Days Before Beginning School

A Day Like Today Today, we probably took our last errand day to Hobby Lobby (Hobby Wobby) with Grams, followed by lunch at Portillo’s to enjoy hot dogs and fries. The unplanned days of our...
slime toys

A Hatred of All Things Slime

I hate slime. . . like, I really H A T E slime. There are things in our lives that we say we do not like or do not prefer, but when I say...
Natural Curly Hair

Hair Today, Different Tomorrow

Hair Glorious Hair Most of my life my hair has been a feature I have been proud of. I was teased because I wore it straight back in a tight ponytail as a girl. The...

First Steps Early Intervention Services: Our Experience

Little Man just turned 3 years old. While I cannot believe we have reached three, we also reached another milestone in his development. We had to say goodbye to our therapists through First Steps....

The Magic of Ordinary

One of my go-to movies is, The Magic of Ordinary Days, based off the book by Ann Howard Creel and made into a Hallmark movie. I believe, we all have that movie we like...
end of road

End of the Journey

Waiting and Thoughts of the Door to the Left I have always liked this office, the receptionist is ultra friendly, the magazines are always newer, and the seating is perfectly spaced to allow for optimum...

Overcoming Toddler Sleep Troubles with Help from The Sleep Lady

It is currently 8:45 pm and I am happily writing a blog post in the quiet of our house. The monitor shows my little man curled up next to Mickey Mouse on one side,...

We Love Blippi!

We love Blippi! This charismatic YouTube personality has helped and engaged our son with his orange glasses and suspenders, his dance moves and entertaining educational topics. I have always been uneasy about allowing time...

#FLIPTHESCRIPT: National Infertility Awareness Week

This week , April 22 -  28, 2018 is National Infertility Awareness Week. This year NIAW is attempting to #FliptheScript, educating and bringing awareness of infertility issues. Check out this link to find out...
ninja son climbs shelves

My Son is A Ninja: Toddler Climbing Abilities and Life Lessons

My son is a ninja or one in training. Some of his acrobatic abilities rival those seen on American Ninja Warrior. He jumps, he climbs and he can scale anything with the stealthiness of...
child with Santa traditional photo

Creating Holiday Traditions

The best parts of the holidays are the traditions we remember from our childhood. Memories shared by family and friends enrich our lives and give us something to look forward to each year.  Every...

I’m SAHM Lonely

Life as a SAHM Life as a Stay at Home Mom or SAHM is not glamorous and is often times lonely. For an introverted mother, such as me, it has been a lonely couple of...
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