The Magic of Ordinary


magic of ordinary play

One of my go-to movies is, The Magic of Ordinary Days, based off the book by Ann Howard Creel and made into a Hallmark movie. I believe, we all have that movie we like to watch when we just want to be mopey, have a good cry or just want to have a feel-good moment. The plot of the story is not overly important to this blog post. What is important is the title: Magic of Ordinary Days. It is one that I have been thinking about for some time as I reflect and write about our everyday life for Indianapolis Moms Blog. Magic should be a part of every day, but does it have to be extravagant and planned out?

Surrounded by Magic Makers

My college years were surrounded by artistic greatness. I went to a top art school, Ringling College of Art and Design and had the pleasure of witnessing young artists turn into amazing people. These are people creating the books I read to my son, the toys I buy, the movies we watch, acting in commercials for favorite products, teaching others the passion of creating and countless other creative outlets (festival poster artist, tattoo artist, painter, children’s programming creator, video game creators and even a monk). I am forever grateful to have known these people and be inspired by them. I try to take teachings I learned and continue to learn from them to apply to my everyday life.

Important Lesson

So, why is this all important? These folks take the ordinary and make it Magic. These people took regular days and objects and turned them into something great by learning or trying something new. This is the lesson that I want to teach my son. You can take something ordinary and make it magical.


Our days do not need to be filled with overcomplicated plans, flashy toys, or Instagram worthy photos. Every day for toddlers is magical because of the new things they learn. A kite from the dollar store is the most magical thing ever, it flies! Blowing bubbles in the yard to see them drift high into the sky is the coolest thing. Bending down to pull a weed to see a toad hiding beneath is, “So Cool!”. As long as we are trying new things, going to new places and discovering the world around us, we are creating magic. I want to believe that these little things are the magical ordinary moments that my son will remember long after I am gone.

magic of flying a kite
Little Man learning to flying a kite.

No Fairy Wings or Magic Wand Needed

We are the magic makers for our kids. Parents are the ones who can teach them how to find the magic in the ordinary. We each make our own magic! Your definition of boring is probably not boring for your toddler. So today, go to the park and play, be present as they chatter to you and show them the sunset that may inspire their next drawing or painting.

Even more, show your kids that they make magic in your life. Enjoy your little ones as they discover life around them. You do not need any special props. Unless that is how you want to inspire magic to your day. Their discoveries bring magic to your life and can be the inspiration for your next life adventure, no matter how big or small.

So, let them take chances. This is the best way for them to learn their boundaries and provide them the ability to find their own magic.

The Ordinary or Magic

Our days with the little ones can be frustratingly amazing and they create the best stories of our lives. Therefore, embrace the magic of your families and the ordinary routines. By looking through their eyes, we will discover the magic that will inspire them in the years to come. Above all, there is no need for fancy trinkets. Just give them the opportunity for discovery of the ordinary and to always see the magic.