What A Mom Wants For Christmas


This is the gift guide you’ve all been waiting for. What to get a mom, your mom, or ANY mom for Christmas. Don’t worry. This was designed to be budget-friendly! So put your Apple Pay aside and read on to see what a mom REALLY wants for Christmas.

mom christmas

Peace and Quiet.

If there is anything you’d like to gift a mom, a little peace and quiet wouldn’t hurt. Give her a glass of wine or a cup of coffee and the remote control, take the kids to another part of the house (or out of the house), and let her catch up on her BRAVO shows.

Alone time, in the bathroom.

We understand mom is the coolest person in the house, but it doesn’t mean everyone and the dog needs to follow her into the bathroom.

To never hear “can I have a snack” after the third snack time of the hour. 

Seriously, no more.

A chair to sit in during dinner time.

I don’t know why moms always find themselves standing at any mealtime but give her a break once in a while.

A moment to just sit for 5 minutes without disruption.

Kids always choose the moment mom is sitting to ask five million questions that always require her to get up. Let’s call this mommy timeout, where no one asks mom for anything.

A crumb-free minivan.

Not everyone has a built-in vacuum in their car, but if someone can get the vehicle professionally cleaned, that would be wonderful.

Someone else to do the laundry.
As well as folding and putting away the clothing because the laundry never ends.

A day without screaming, yelling, tantrum-throwing, hair-pulling, and crying. 

Whether it be mom or the kids, if everyone can just keep their cool for a day, that would be great.

Someone else to do the cooking.

Cooking isn’t everyone’s favorite thing to do, especially when you have to plan the meals for the week. Help out once in a while.

A mirror free of toothpaste.

Why kids paint the mirror with toothpaste instead of brushing their teeth is a mystery to me.

Artwork to be displayed on paper and not on the walls.

I’m seriously considering banning crayons and markers from my house. So if you see some magic erasers on sale, that would be a great gift to give.

Dirty laundry to be placed in the laundry basket.

This goes for both the kids and spouses. Dirty laundry goes in the basket. Not the floor. We’re tired of smelling questionable clothing.

To not have to wonder if it’s chocolate or poop.

Enough said.

To not be the chaos coordinator/referee for one day.

It’s exhausting to be the memory keeper, organizer, and worrier of the family. Sometimes it would be nice not to have to be the bad guy for once.

Someone else to clean the house. 

The house is never clean and probably will never be, but if someone can help hide the mess, that would be great.

To not feel obligated to get presents for teachers and classmates.

Or, actually, anybody. We appreciate teachers, we really do, but it’s not a competition to get the best present. Can we just leave it at gift cards to Target and Starbucks with a heartfelt note instead of elaborate gift baskets? We also don’t have enough energy to make small gift bags for every kid in the class. I’m still recovering from last year’s Valentine’s day.

To be told, “thank you.”

We just want to be acknowledged and appreciated.

Drink hot coffee/tea in peace.

Emphasis on the “hot” because, more times than not, we forget about our cup of happiness while we are running the world.

To wake up in bed without tiny feet lodged into your ribs or kicking your back.

This is for the moms of small children and/or if you’re expecting. I see you, mama.

A relaxing night with her family.

A night on the couch, watching a Charlie Brown Christmas with the Christmas tree lit and a cup of hot chocolate. Nothing fancy, just a night with her family.

The holiday season is a stressful time, especially for moms. Don’t tell the kids, but we are really the Santa Claus. We are the holders of traditions and makers of memories. We spend our days and nights thinking of how we can make this season the best ever, and sometimes we lose ourselves in the mess.

Don’t forget about the moms in your life because chances are we are losing our minds over which garland to hang and what is the best non-toxic candy canes. Moms don’t need the latest gadgets (ok, maybe we want new pots and pans or the latest wet/dry robot vacuum), but to be truly honest, to be present with her family is the best present anyone can give.

What can you add to this list?