Be Careful with Sugar! {Tips for Limiting Sugar Intake}

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limiting sugar intake

As parents, we are concerned about how much sugar your child is eating especially during the holiday season. With childhood obesity rates skyrocketing and new research uncovering the hidden dangers of sugar consumption, it is important that as parents we are more careful than ever before when it comes to sugar intake with our children. So here are four things for limiting sugar intake at home and how your Indianapolis pediatric dentist can help your family to eat healthier.

Don’t Bring It Home

In order to keep your kids from eating sugary foods, focus on keeping it out of your house as much as possible. Avoid the cookie and candy aisle in the store, and don’t keep ice cream in the freezer unless on special occasions. Instead, keep ingredients for cookies and cakes around the house, and make them together with your family as a special treat!

Provide Healthy Snacks

You can satisfy your child’s sweet tooth without offering cookies or candy. Keep fresh sliced or peeled fruit in individual containers in the fridge for each grab and go snacks. When your child eats less sugar, they will enjoy foods that are naturally sweeter like fresh fruits. 

Limit Juice and Sugary Drinks

When purchasing juice for your children, be sure to check how much sugar is in the juices and drinks. You want to avoid offering your kids beverages that are high in sugar. Instead, give your child their own water bottle to help encourage them to stay hydrated with water.

Make Treats a Treat

Focus on making treats a treat, and don’t keep them around where kids could discover them and indulge. When you make them extra special, your children will be excited for the treat and not as focused on wanting them as frequently. 

Sugar intake can lead to tooth decay!

The human mouth is filled with bacteria that feed off of the simple sugars in the foods that you eat. As these bacteria grow and multiply, they create acids that erode dental enamel and toxins that inflame gum tissue. This can cause problems like dental decay, pain, swelling, and even childhood gingivitis. The more sugar your child consumes, the faster these bacteria can cause damage the teeth and gums. Remember, to prevent tooth decay we should be limited sugar intake and improve the daily oral hygiene routines for our children.

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