When Your Child Breaks a Bone {Convenience at Hancock Gateway}

Disclosure: This post is in part of a collaboration with Hancock Health

Two months ago my seven year old fell off of the monkey bars. I am constantly reliving the moment in my mind whenever I see playground equipment. I turned around as her feet slipped from the ledge and she landed right on her left wrist. Immediately I knew it was broken but ironically she never shed a tear, even during the half mile walk from the park back to our house. But I knew she had to see a medical professional and more importantly, needed x-rays to confirm what we thought – her wrist was broken.

As moms, we all know that this moment will most likely come at some point in our lives. Whether it’s a broken bone from the playground or a more serious high-tech imagining service, we know that typically these can be expensive. Hancock Gateway is not only efficient but their imaging services can save your family money.

Get Your Doctor to Refer You to Gateway

If your doctor is requesting an X-ray, CT, MRI, or ultrasound for you or someone in your family, asking them to refer you to Hancock Gateway can save not only your life but money too. Your family will be provided state-of-the-art imaging at a low and direct-to-consumer price, even if your doctor is not within the Hancock Health network.

Quick and Convenient Results

Another reason to have your doctor refer your results to Hancock Gateway is the quick turn around time. You can have results in your hand within 36 hours as well as sent to your doctor within that same timeframe too. If you choose to opt into the HealthConnect portal, you will have your results available for you to a access right online.

Save Yourself (and Your Doctor) Money

By choosing to have your imaging done at Hancock Gateway, you can save yourself (and your doctor!) quite a bit of money. In fact, on average, Gateway’s imaging prices are 70% lower than what you would for a similar quality image at the hospital. For example, an MRI at the hospital could cost you almost $1700. Now that same image costs just $599 when completed at Gateway. This price comparison chart shows you how you can save thousands of dollars on the services you are looking to do.

Whether it’s a broken bone or you are looking to get a jumpstart on your health, make sure you know where you can find quality immediate care that was created exactly for your needs and way of life.

Hancock Health

Hancock Health is an Indiana-based, full-service healthcare network serving Hancock County and the surrounding areas.

Hancock Gateway’s streamlined, patient-friendly process helps you get the right tests and imaging simply and easily. At Gateway, you get the personal care and expertise you expect from Hancock Health, at a low, direct-to-consumer price.  If you’re getting lab tests, you can choose your own time slot with Save Your Spot to get the tests you need quickly and get on your way.