C’mon Get Happy: Celebrating the International Day of Happiness

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You’ve all probably heard that if you are constantly searching for happiness, you will never find it. While it may be true that we cannot find happiness, I believe we are in control of our thoughts and actions – which can help lead us to a happier life. The importance of human happiness and well-being has been increasingly recognized worldwide over the past decade. This led to the establishment of the International Day of Happiness by the UN in 2012, celebrated annually on March 20th. Global progress can and should be about increasing human happiness, not only about growing the economy. Happiness is a fundamental human right. This day reminds us that the world is a better place if we connect with and care for the people around us. The International Day of Happiness is a celebration of doing what makes us happy, giving to others, and working toward reducing inequalities worldwide.

There is strong and consistent evidence that gratitude is associated with happiness. On this International Day of Happiness, I am reflecting on things in my day-to-day life, both big and small, for which I am grateful. Things that bring me joy and happiness. I encourage you to take some time today to find your daily dose of gratitude and consider some of the things in your life that bring you joy.

Things that make me happy:

  1. Sunny days
  2. Newborn snuggles
  3. First blooms of spring
  4. Neighbors that are also friends
  5. Watching my kids love each other
  6. A second cup of coffee
  7. Connecting with someone over a good book
  8. Days without set plans
  9. A good night of sleep
  10. Watching my daughter dance
  11. Impromptu backyard fire and s’mores with neighbors/friends
  12. Long walks (alone or with a friend)
  13. A new drawing from my son
  14. A good pen
  15. Exploring new places with my family
  16. Babywearing
  17. Getting somewhere on time when I thought I was going to be late
  18. Playing in the snow
  19. Watching my kids form real friendships
  20. The ability to move my body
  21. Laughing with my family or friends
  22. Witnessing random acts of kindness by other humans
  23. A good hug
  24. Finding time for creativity
  25. A catchy song

Happiness and gratitude cannot change circumstances, but a change in mindset and perspective can go a long way toward improving overall well-being. On this International Day of Happiness, I hope you take time for some self-love and spread some love to others as we continue to work toward a happier world.


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