I’m Adding Bikini Wax Back Into the Budget



As moms, we give up a lot of things that aren’t “necessities” to help save time or money. Showers, clothes that don’t come from Sam’s Club, name-brand coffee… Well, I’ve recently rediscovered the bikini wax and all that they have to offer.

After my son was born, I had stopped my regularly scheduled appointments at the waxing spa. The monthly $75 expense seemed frivolous, and I barely had time to wash my hair let alone take an hour away from home to get a wax. Five years and a second baby later, I decided I’d treat myself and get a bikini wax before a vacation so I didn’t have to worry about the razor bumps, etc. while we were gone. Let me tell you: that wax gave me the self-confidence that I hadn’t felt in a while! I actually felt… sexy! I hadn’t prioritized myself in that way in a long time, and it was just the spark that I needed to boost my confidence and feel like a *woman* rather than just a *mom*. 

I’m not saying that everyone needs to stop what they’re doing and go get a bikini wax. That’s what worked for me, but maybe something else can do the same for you. We often put ourselves and the “extras” that we used to enjoy on the back burner. Speaking from experience, though, I can say that one small thing can make you feel like yourself again. And, if you’ve improved the way that you feel everything else around you can improve as well.

What can you add back into the budget to boost your self-confidence? Think back to something that felt regular before kids that you’ve since been depriving yourself of. Here are some ideas:

  • Bikini Wax – For about $75 and an hour per month, you are actually saving yourself time because you don’t have to shave every day 😉
  • Gym membership – Peloton has a great selection of classes on their app (no, you don’t need the bike!) and if you do the Digital Membership it is only $13 per month. BONUS: you don’t even need to leave your house! You can download the app on your phone, tablet, or tv!
  • Gel manicure – We all know they last longer than at-home polish anyway! Most salons have them for about $30, right?
  • Iced Coffee – Here’s the trick: make it at home! With these cold brew bags it couldn’t be easier – just dump about 2.5 cups of coffee grounds into the bag, add to a gallon pitcher, fill with water, and let it soak overnight. Voila! For less than the price of two venti iced coffees from Starbucks, you can have a cup at home every day for a week!

Mama, you work hard! You deserve to feel confident, pulled together, and have a pep in your step! You deserve to love yourself. I encourage you to try out some of the ideas above and stick with them if they give you that extra boost of confidence that you haven’t felt in a while. For me, I’m adding a bikini wax back into the budget!