Let’s Get Moving For Your Body, Mind and Sanity!



Right now, more than ever before, we need just to keep breathing and moving as well as embracing change each day, even when it’s uncomfortable. Staying positive is not always easy, but it’s essential right now for you, your loved ones, and let’s face it, our country. With all that is going on, being active physically can prove to be such an essential ingredient for maintaining a positive outlook, as well as enduring new challenges with the most mentally and physically strongest version of yourself. Ultimately, exercise boosts your mood, energy, and immunity. Yay for that, right?!

Below are a few ideas for circuits and workouts that can be done at home/living space, in your garage or backyard, with or without equipment, and all of which can be modified based on your skill level, ability and comfort level. And don’t forget your kiddos can join you, too (and giggly babies and toddlers can be used in lieu of weights, as well, but be sure to show us a cute pic or video!) Any of these workouts can be adjusted to be shorter or longer, lower or higher repetitions and you can even add, remove or substitute movements. You know what they say, “You just do you, boo.”

Body Weight Workout Ideas:

1) 10-minute “AMRAP” workout (This means “as many rounds/repetitions as possible”; remember, feel free to modify this particular programming in terms of the time, reps and/or types of movements!):

– 10 alternating lunges (walking or in place)

– 10 air squats

– 10 sit-ups

– 10 jumping jacks

One round = 40 reps

2) Circuit of 2-4 rounds:

– 5 push-ups (regular or from knees)

– 10 seconds of tuck jumps

– 15 mountain climbers (per leg)

– 20 seconds of burpees

– 30-second plank hold

3) “Ladder,” 10-1 (10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1)

Start at 10 reps for each movement, and then work down through 1 for each of the following three movements:

– Push-ups (regular or from knees) or burpees (or burpee step downs)

– Air squats

– V-ups or regular sit-ups

Other bodyweight movements you can incorporate into a workout routine:

Burpee broad jumps, side planks, plank shoulder taps, hollow holds, flutter kicks, Russian twists, jumping squats, glute bridges, star jumps, bird dogs, donkey kicks, calf raises, walkouts/inchworms, high knee raises and jumping lunges. There are pictures and tutorials available on YouTube, fitness apps, and online resources if you are not familiar with any of these. Plus, there are many more options available, so find what works for you!

Remember: TONS and tons of workouts are available. Be creative and choose what fits. And don’t forget to warm up, stretch and be mindful of any injuries or restrictions.


Workout Ideas with Equipment:

Do you have some dumbbells (DB) or kettlebells (KB) at home? Or a medicine ball? A jump rope? The Shake Weight? Anything and everything can be used in your workout! You don’t have to lift heavy to get a good workout, either. Light weights? Try to push for more reps/volume. Heavier weights? Good for you. Be smart and maintain proper form!

1) “Ladder,” 10-1

Start at 10 reps for each movement, and then work down through 1 for each of the following three movements:

– Dumbbell strict or push press

– Dumbbell row

– Dumbbell squat

 2) Circuit of 2-4 rounds:

– Single-arm KB press, 8-10 per arm

– 10 Russian or American Kettlebell (KB) swings

– 10 KB goblet squats

– 20 Russian KB twists

3) “Tabata” (8 rounds of each movement; 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest per round)

A Tabata can undoubtedly sound like a funny term, but it is just a different yet effective type of format for a workout that keeps you on your toes; it pushes you to be comfortable being, well, uncomfortable. Pick 3-4 movements, such as squats, jump rope (single unders or double unders), KB swings, wall balls, step-ups, thrusters, lunges, sit-ups or another core movement, ball slams, etc., and then complete 8 rounds of each movement before resting a full minute and then advancing to the next movement. Each consecutive round contains 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest. Don’t stop, get it get it!

4) “12 Days of Quarantine”

An ode to our current situation…like the “12 Days of Christmas” song, complete each exercise in ascending order and then work back down, adding the next new movement each round. So, you will start doing 1, then 2, then back to 1, back to 2, then add 3, then back to 1, back to 2, back to 3, then add 4, etc. This is a doozy for sure, just like the unprecedented nature of our times right now.

1 – Burpee or burpee stepdown

2- Push-ups (regular or from knees)

3 – Air squat or KB goblet squats

4 – KB deadlifts or walkouts/inchworms

5 – KB swings or star jumps

6- Tuck jumps

7 – Lunges per leg

8 – V-ups

9 – Tiptoe calf raises

10 – High knees

11 – Flutter kicks per leg

12 – Butterfly sit-ups

Other ideas for working out with equipment:

DB squats, DB press (strict or push), DB man makers, DB thrusters, DB renegade rows, DB tricep extensions, DB flys, DB curls, DB lunges, DB v-ups, KB swings, KB snatches, KB squats, KB deadlifts, KB press, KB row, KB lunges, KB core work (Russian twists, v-ups, etc.), medicine ball slams, partner medicine ball tosses, wall balls, medicine ball squat into ball slam and more! Some of these movements are simple in nature, while others are more advanced, so again, do what you are comfortable doing and smile!

Active Recovery and Overall Design of Your Workouts:

Don’t forget that going for walks, stretching, yoga, meditation, foam rolling, and everyday tasks such as yard work are all important, too! They are considered active recovery workouts. Overall, design your workouts based on your ability, energy levels and equipment (or no equipment) that is available. Vary the intensity or the design of the workouts; you don’t have to go all out every day, and in fact, choose the pace that allows you to be consistent. Consistency is the most important factor. For example, maybe decide to do a Tabata one day, and then a moderately-paced circuit the next day, followed by an active recovery day. Have fun with your fitness! The key is to get moving each day in some capacity…and just watch your mood, mind, and body improve!

Let’s Get Moving

Are we in uncharted territory right now? Yes, absolutely. Are we scared or nervous at times? Yes, absolutely. Yet, this is even more reason to take care of ourselves and each other. Let’s use this time wisely to reflect, to nurture, and to get moving, even if it’s inside our houses, apartments, garages or a local park (socially distanced, of course). The ideas I offered are just suggestions; feel free to pick and choose what works best for you, and modify any way you want. Make it fun! The key is to either start a workout routine or to add some variety to your existing exercise routine so you do not get bored. The bigger picture is you are being productive, releasing endorphins and modeling positive, healthy behavior for others (especially kids). We are in this together; during this challenging time, let’s choose not just to survive, but to thrive!