Delivery Services While Social Distancing


With the growing concerns of COVID-19, most of us are opting to stay at home to decrease our chances of catching the virus. Since many of us didn’t have the chance to doomsday prep before schools closing and offices mandating mobile work, we’ve compiled a list of pick-up or delivery options below for groceries or other essentials:

  • Amazon Prime
    Duh. I know. But, we have to start here because many of us don’t realize how lucky we are in Indianapolis to have two Amazon warehouses so close! There is so much available for us to get quickly!
  • Prime Now/Whole Foods
    As of 3/14, they’ve added a note to the app that “inventory and delivery may be temporarily unavailable due to increased demand,” but it is worth a shot! A reminder that you have to be an Amazon Prime member use this service and must live in an area that Whole Foods Serves to use this service.
  • Shipt
    With Shipt, you pay an annual fee (use code “LJqtP” to save $50 if you haven’t signed up yet!) and then delivery is free so long as you spend a minimum of $35. In most areas, they can shop at Target, Meijer, CVS, and Petco (don’t forget about your pets!). Orders can be delivered within 2 hours or scheduled in advance. Unfortunately, no alcohol allowed, but I got you, Mama…
  • Drizly
    Drizly delivers beer, wine, and liquor from your local liquor store in under 60 min!! Plus, they have already announced that they are suggesting deliveries outside of your house, instituted contactless ID scanning, and eliminated customer signatures in an effort to keep everyone safe from the virus. There is a delivery fee, but use code “AROLI” to save $5 on your first order.
  • Instacart
    Another grocery delivery service that employs shoppers to bring your orders to your home. They provide other options for stores, so this is an excellent option if Target or Meijer aren’t your go-to stores.
  • Green Bean Delivery
    More of a subscription service than on-demand (but it is easy to suspend a week or more if needed), green bean delivers “Good, clean food. Made by locals you love and brands you believe in.” Our family loves and orders the produce bins on a regular basis (they are organic, in-season, and provided local farmers. Plus, I swear that the produce keeps longer because it is picked fresh right before it is delivered!) but they also have groceries, dairy, and meat you can order. There is a delivery fee, but the amount decreases as your order total increases. Click here to become a member and save 20% off your first three orders.

These are all great services to have at your fingertips any day, but I’ve found them all especially helpful amidst this recent COVID-19 craziness. Avoid those long lines of TP buyers at Costco and achieve social distancing with the help of these delivery companies! For more great tips while you’re quarantined at home, check out this survival kit!

Note: This list was not sponsored and I am speaking from personal experience only. Any codes provided for discounts are personal or public and are intended to help you out with added savings.