I Love/Hate Running


As a Fitness Instructor, I wholeheartedly believe in changing up your routine and trying new things. It’s not only great for your body, but also your mind. We have new riders all the time at Cyclebar who leave feeling energized and excited about exercising. Or some people try at home workouts as well (which I’m a BIG fan of—hello, no childcare or commute!) However, there are some workouts that just aren’t your jam….running is NOT my jam. My husband has been a runner his whole life and I have just never liked it—I’ve been very open and transparent with my clients that I hate running. I thought it was boring and my legs just didn’t want to go that far. Now, I’ll ride an indoor bike all day long or even do all the burpees but until this past fall, you would never catch me going for a run.

I encourage people in my job all the time to try new exercise routines and see if they like it, but I wasn’t walking the walk (or running the run-ha!) I love setting goals for myself and stepping outside of my comfort zone so I started running this past fall with a group of ladies at 5am a few days a week. Yes, 5am (dark-thirty as we like to call it). I started out super slow and felt discouraged some days when I was lagging behind. However, I was NEVER left behind. Someone always would wait back for me and make sure I didn’t finish by myself. I have gotten faster and gained new girlfriends that I am proud to call part of my tribe.

I even like to run by myself (which surprised me)! It’s like a running meditation for me—I either listen to a book, podcast or music that motivates me and just clear my head. It’s amazing the ideas, the realizations I learn about myself when I just plug in, lace up and go for a run.

I ran the Zionsville ½ Marathon last month with no expectations and set a PR (personal record) and felt like a rockstar. Fast forward to the Indy Mini Marathon this past weekend. I set a big goal, shared it on social media, and then failed and didn’t hit that goal. I started out the first half of the Mini strong and then it all fell apart on the track at the Speedway. I had mindset contingency plans in my head if this scenario happened and finished happy that I did it and with plans set in place to hit my goal later this year at the Monumental Half. Although my body failed me, my mind didn’t and I think that’s what running is all about. It’s more about pushing your mind than your body and how you handle any obstacles that come your way.

So as much as I used to hate running, I actually kind of love it now. I hope this inspires you to try something new and set new goals for yourself. You may just like it and find a new mommy tribe that will encourage you and love you hard too.