Staying Safe in Our New Normal

Disclosure: This post is in part of a collaboration with Hancock Health.

The last three months have been nothing short of challenging. But as things slowly begin to open back up, it’s important to remember that your health is a priority. How can we keep our families safe yet slowly start to venture out into the community and activities? The experts at Hancock Health are answering some of the top questions families had when it comes staying safe in our “new normal” circumstances.

What can we do to protect our family from COVID as we being to venture out?

Dr. Michael Fletcher, the Vice President and Chief Medical Officer of Hancock Regional Hospital strongly recommends you continue to wear a mask in public as well as practice safe social distancing. And of course, don’t forget good hygiene practices and to continuously wash those hands! But most importantly, if you are sick, he says it’s important that you stay home.

Is it safe to go to the doctor or hospital right now?

Doctors and hospitals have many safety protocols in place right now, especially at in the Hancock Health network. Dr. Fletcher assures families that it is very safe right now, especially with the social distancing and extra sanitizing procedures.

How long is this “new normal” going to last?

While experts have been seeing some good treatment options that are providing better comes for the critical ill patients, Dr. Fletcher believes this phase could last up to another eighteen months. Since most of us haven’t been exposed, we don’t immunity. Therefore until we get a vaccine or herd immunity, it’s important to practice social distancing, good hygiene and social distancing as we resume our activities outside of the home.

Any other tips on how families can stay health during the virus?

Many families had to cancel appointments because offices were closed due to the virus; but now it’s time to get things back on track for you and your family! Right now, Hancock Health is almost completely back to business as usual and they are encouraging families to reschedule those canceled appointments as part of your continued plan to keep families safe during this time. Understandably, families may be nervous to leave home and go back into businesses and medical facilities. But rest assured, Hancock Health is doing everything possible to create a safe and healthy environment for your family during this time.

So as we continue to venture out, keep these tips in mind to help your family be as safe as possible during our “new normal” within our communities. For more information and read more tips from Dr. Fletcher, check out this recent article on Hancock Health’s website. 

Hancock Health is committed to making health possible for everyone they serve—in 2020 and beyond. They have the facilities, the programs, the resources, and—most important—the people, to help you get healthy, stay healthy, and live a healthier life.

staying safe when things start to open back up