Summer (and Year-Round) Safety Tips

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I think it’s safe to say we can all agree we live in a chaotic world. Don’t get me wrong, I love to celebrate and appreciate all the wonderful things that still exist, yet, we also have to be realistic about the nature of our changing times. Gone are the days where you can leave your doors unlocked at home, or trust that your vehicle is immune from theft or break-in (even in your own driveway) or that a scammer is not out there trying to steal your identity and drain all of your accounts, and gasp, also recognize at this moment a porch pirate is probably lurking in delight to steal your latest Amazon package, all while knowing they are being caught on the Ring camera. Ultimately, we need to be aware and recognize ways to avoid danger and prevent harm to ourselves, family, friends, and others because, let’s face it. Indeed, many dangers exist out there way worse than a stolen package.

Most days, we are all moving in a million directions at 100 mph or more and have an excessive number of tasks to tackle; it’s not ideal, but unfortunately, sometimes it is easy to forget to be safe amidst the daily juggling. Here are some tricks, some so simple (yet still very important) to employ and enhance your safety:

Be aware.

Awareness is key everywhere. Check the back seats of your car before you get in, be mindful of who is around you as you approach your vehicle, have your car keys ready, and lock your doors as soon as you get inside. Total awareness can help keep you safe. Even at the gas station, when pumping gas, be mindful of the potential access to your purse/wallet/vehicle by others.

In all situations, be alert, know who and what is around you, keep your head up, maintain an active posture, stay in well-lit areas, and do not get caught in the trap of being so wrapped up in your phone or having so much to carry from shopping that you are oblivious to what is going on around you! Experts will affirm a distracted person is absolutely one of the easiest targets. Whether it’s at work, your home, or a shopping complex stay cognizant of your surroundings and be confident, even if you don’t feel confident. And if you ever feel like you are being followed, call for help and drive to the closest police station or well-populated public location.

Consider the visibility of your garage remote.

Where do you keep your garage door opener? Is it visible inside your car? If so, consider hiding it in the car console, under your seat, or elsewhere. Remember that the garage remote allows access to your home, your living space, your family, pets, and possessions. If your car is broken into and that remote is missing, it opens up another spectrum of danger and exposure.

Conceal your contact information.

Most days, we are running so hard that we don’t think about the little things when, indeed, it’s the little things that can sometimes create chaos. Have you ever tossed a package into your car? Or a letter? Or other paperwork? Or have you left a work lanyard visible? Remember that all of these items that seem so mundane indeed contain valuable details such as your name, address, and other key information that anybody walking by your car would be able to see and potentially use against your best interest. So, although it seems so simple, it’s vital to have anything containing your personal information face down and out of sight.

Go Contactless

Everyone needs to be safe and vigilant, especially single ladies who use delivery services such as DoorDash, GrubHub, grocery delivery, etc.; go CONTACTLESS and be sure to list your name as a male’s name. This way, you are not necessarily viewed as a single lady at home alone, and the more masculine the male name you choose is, the better!

Avoid touching foreign objects on your vehicle, and beware of fake tickets.

If you see a t-shirt, towel, cash, or other item on your vehicle, be careful not to touch it. There is a new scam in which traffickers or other harmful individuals drug items and place them on your car so that you touch them and pass out or get sick, obviously and unfortunately making you susceptible to increased danger. Use a stick to remove the items or ask for help. Trust your instincts, and again, just be alert and aware, as normally these individuals lurk nearby. There is also a wave of fake tickets and money being left under your windshield wipers. Be cautious; we can’t always trust everything we find.

Protect yourself.

If you feel equipped to handle items such as pepper spray or gel and/or a personal alarm, that may help enhance your safety. Maybe you can practice using safety tools if you do not feel comfortable using things such as pepper spray or gel (they say activating it with your thumb is best so you can avoid accidentally spraying yourself).

We may not be able to control the nature of our world, but we can certainly control our reactions, our attitudes, and our preparedness. Be alert, aware, and vigilant about all the ways you can improve your personal safety and the safety of your loved ones.


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