Celebrating Together: Creating a Special Birthday

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special birthday wishes

Like many families, the fall season is a busy one with a full calendar of events and activities. But besides the juggle of football and baseball games, cheer competitions and showcases, and ballet and tap lessons, our family also celebrates four birthdays within a one month timespan. As my kids get older, it is even more important to me to make sure to create a special birthday because I find we are being able to spend less and less time together as a family. (And more time being spent at the ballfields or convention centers for sports!) I’m not one that feels like birthdays need to be a big, extravagant ordeal. Rather I want to carve out some time to celebrate together as a family with a small cake and of course, their favorite flavor of Hudsonville Ice Cream.

This year my son had a late practice on both his birthday and his sister’s birthday, so staying up late for cake and ice cream wasn’t an option with school early the next day. He was pretty easy about the cake situation and just wanted a vanilla cake with some Hudsonville Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream, but with crushed up cookies on top. And while I could have easily gone to the store to get his treats on my own, I missed spending alone time with him and wanted to take a special trip together. I lucked out the afternoon before his birthday and the two of us were able to head to the store alone after an appointment. We laughed at some of our favorite birthday memories – including the year he was adamant on getting a Big Foot cake. (And guess what – the bakery came through!) We picked out his cake and grabbed a carton of his favorite Hudsonville Ice Cream flavor along with some SuperScoop and Blue Moon for his sister’s birthday the following week. It was a simple trip but so nice to be able to slow down and spend time together without the hustle and bustle of life around us. It was just me and my buddy, my first baby. 

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special birthday

The following week was my daughter’s birthday and she turned the big six – which is a whole hand and one finger as she will be sure to tell you. This year she specifically requested to make cupcakes together to go along with her Hudsonville Ice Cream, just me and her, while everyone was at practice. So we picked out a box mix, gathered all of the ingredients and put on our aprons for some baking in the kitchen. I turned on our favorite music and we sang, mixed and baked 24 cupcakes that she was just so proud of creating. At one point she looked at me and said, “This is the best day ever, Mom!” and my heart melted so much. And even though we had to sweep twice and STILL were stepping on sprinkles for days after, the mess was worth the precious memories the two of us created together for her day. 

And through all of this crazy season of life, I too celebrated my birthday – my thirty-eighth trip around the sun to be exact. The older you get, you often don’t make a huge deal about your birthdays. But I wanted one day where we could eat takeout from my restaurant of choice together and enjoy a scoop or two of MY favorite Hudsonville Ice Cream flavor – Blue Moon. The kids were thrilled to scoop my bowl of ice cream and even put a candle (at my request, just one. I didn’t need 38,) for me to blow out and make my birthday wish. It was simple, it was low-key and it was just the kind of celebration that I wanted.

I used to roll my eyes when people would tell me to enjoy these days now when my kids were little. But as they grow older and our lives get busier, I completely understand what they meant. Time is precious and it’s about enjoying what you have and being present in during that time. Small moments together are what create the biggest memories. And these are moments we will cherish and talk about forever. 


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