COVID-Conscious Party Tips


I am not a health care expert. I am also not a professional party planner. I am just a mom trying to keep my kids’ lives as normal as possible during this extremely abnormal time. And, with that, means that I want to still be able to throw them birthday parties. Or get our families together over the holidays. Heck, it’s even more for just my kids – I want to try to celebrate my friends and family the way they deserve to be celebrated and not let a virus hold us back.

That being said, I also consider myself approaching COVID-19 precautions pretty conservatively. I work from home most days (in the office, I wear a mask), rarely take my kids into stores, and do most of my grocery shopping online. So, when I say that I’m going to throw a “party,” that doesn’t mean that we’re going to a bounce house or renting out Chuck E. Cheese for the class. I still want to ensure that my family and all party guests are safe and comfortable, so I’ve created a few COVID-conscious party tips that I want to share with you all today. When I started my search online for said tips to throw my sister-in-law her bridal shower last fall, there was NOTHING on Pinterest. So, I got creative and developed my own ideas, inspired by somewhat related party tips online.

  1. Keep the Guest List Small
    Despite my wish to see and hug all of the folks I haven’t seen in years, now is not the time to overextend invitations. note: this can be a blessing in disguise
  2. Hold the Party Outdoors
    When the weather allows, keeping the party outdoors with fresh air is always helpful! People have more space and will feel more comfortable and, according to the CDC, “You are less likely to be exposed to COVID-19 during outdoor activities, even without the use of masks.”
  3. Have a “Drive-By” Option
    Some people still may not feel comfortable attending a party but want to celebrate the birthday/baby/shower/etc. Having “drive-by” or “drive-thru” options gives people the flexibility to do whatever is best for them and their family.
  4. No Bulk Cake/Cupcakes
    This one is a little disappointing, I’ll admit. The cakes at parties are so cute! What I’ve done for my daughter’s last two birthdays (can you believe we’ve been in this situation long enough for a child to have TWO BIRTHDAYS?!) was individually wrapped cookies. These happen to be from a local business, Cute As A Button Cookies, and are adorable! They taste delicious and add to the decor just as much as a cake or cupcakes would. Then, I still get a cake or giant cupcake for the birthday girl so we can sing “Happy Birthday” and she can blow out candles.
    COVID-conscious cookies in cellophane bags
  5. Individually Packaged Food
    While it does take extra effort, this has been fun for me! To get you started with some ideas that worked for me:

    • Chopped salad in plastic cups with the fork inserted into the lid
    • Wrap sandwiches with cute wax paper sheets
    • Filled berry baskets with cellophane bags
    • Pre-packaged snacks such as chips, nuts, applesauce, and suckers

This list is not exhaustive but hopefully gives you a few ideas that you can ramp off of for planning your next COVID-conscious party! Stay safe & have fun out there!