Mediocrity for the Everyday Mom


Mediocrity is a crime nowadays. Its synonyms include moderate quality or value, ordinary and not very good.

Not very good?!

When did it become unacceptable to be average or ordinary? I think that sounds pretty darn good. We are all great at some parts of parenthood (yes, you too), but we all have our limitations. Telling yourself, it’s okay just to be who you are is freeing. After two kids and ten years of marriage, I am finally starting to learn the value of contentment.

It’s okay not to have it all together, girl!

This is our prime of life right now. We are raising kids with a million and one activities. Starting new careers or advancing in our current ones. Going back to school and wondering if you can add one more enormous obstacle that will consume every hour of your life for the next three years. All while being “present” at home. Maybe just trying to stay afloat and keep the kids alive until 9 pm. That in itself is a feat most days.

Continually having to pretend I clean my house, cook food every day, and put the laundry away as soon as the dryer is finished? Yeah, I’ll pass on that.

There are a lot of articles and posts about real-life stuff, but I’m going to be brutally honest here and hope my mom doesn’t see this.

Sometimes we eat out 5-6 days a week. (If not, it’s usually an Uncrustable because the kids don’t eat what I cook.)

I only clean my floors when I know someone is coming over. Sometimes not even then.

My kids get to watch TV basically every night of the week.

My 130-pound dog will happily sit in your lap without invitation; he doesn’t take no for an answer most of the time.

You can bet your entire life savings that you would be able to clothe a family of four with the amount of laundry that is piled in the laundry room and on the bedroom floors.

I don’t remember the last time I cleaned our bathroom sinks.

Just the other day, my son’s friend came by our house while we were out (eating out again, of course). He later told me that he figured we must be home because he saw a bunch of toys and stuff lying around the couch and floor when he peeked through the front door.

I couldn’t help but chuckle.

If you were to come over to my house right now, you would see the couch is crooked, the kitchen island is covered in bills and junk mail, the kitchen sink has 4+ days’ worth of dirty dishes, our desk is barely visible through the piles of papers and textbooks and there is probably enough dog hair on the floor to stuff a Build-A-Bear animal; or two.

That’s real life. It’s my mediocre life, and I love it.

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Kelly Jones
I am a 30-something nurse who is a Hoosier born and raised. I love to take photos (as proven by my iPhone storage always being full) and can bake anything. I love house projects and decorating. My husband Brad might not enjoy it as much but he puts up with my many last-minute, random projects. We have two beautiful children, Camden, 8, and Charlotte, almost 3. We live in Fishers and have a Great Dane named Max. I'm going to school for my Masters in Family Nurse Practitioner. I am not sure what I want to do when I grow up. Being a FRIENDS guru is at the top of the list though.