Best Lactation Rooms in Indianapolis

Berkley Rios and her daughter Camila (photo courtesy: Lane Lewis Photography)

My daughter turned one last month, and our breastfeeding journey is ending. She’s ready. I’m ready. It’s time. But throughout our journey together, I’ve been keeping a list of the best lactation rooms in and around Indianapolis.

I remember texting mom friends in the early days of nursing my first child to ask how the heck was I supposed to leave the house and nurse in public. “You’ll figure it out,” they’d say. “Don’t worry about who is around!” But I did worry. I’d often end up leaving whatever public or social situation I was in to nurse my baby in the car. I’d wonder if I should pump and bring a bottle. Then, a friend introduced me to lactation rooms. These dedicated, private places to nurse or pump gave me freedom and confidence. I felt like a VIP entering these special rooms designed just for me and my baby at airports, malls, and zoos. Thus began my quest to find the best lactation rooms in the city.

Of course, these are just my favorites based on the locations my family frequents. For a more comprehensive list, check out this one.


Lactation suite at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis (photo courtesy: Children’s Museum of Indianapolis)

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis  
Visiting the Children’s Museum was my first solo outing with two-under-two after having my second baby. It’s a hassle-free space, thoughtfully designed for children and their parents. Three spacious, private nursing and bottle-feeding rooms are conveniently located within the Playscape (designed specifically for kids ages five and under). When I say these rooms are spacious, I mean it! Inside, the rooms are equipped with sliding privacy doors, pump outlets, and a few activities to entertain older kids. Just outside the rooms, there’s a diaper changing station and sink. Family restrooms are also located within the Playscape.


Lactation room at Traders Point Christian Church’s northwest campus

Traders Point Christian Church – Northwest Campus
Is it cheating to include my church on this list? The lactation room at Traders Point’s northwest campus truly goes above and beyond. Comfy chairs, each equipped with a side table, adjustable light, and electrical outlet, are positioned facing a livestream of the service. Two changing stations are located in the back of the room, complete with diapers of all sizes, wipes, and hand sanitizer. Having this dedicated space to nurse, rock my baby to sleep, or simply hang out with my baby – while also watching the service – made me feel comfortable and connected to church during those early postpartum weeks and months that can be so isolating.


Nursing room at The Fashion Mall

The Fashion Mall at Keystone
Two nursing lounges are located within the mall: one near the Fashion cafe in the women’s restrooms and the other on the second floor of Nordstrom in the women’s restroom. The room is private with a lock and large enough that it could comfortably fit other children. The Fashion Mall tends to be a frequent stop for our family, especially during the winter months. We like to window shop, visit the two children’s play areas within the mall, and hit up Cheesecake Factory if we’re feeling fancy.


Lactation pod inside the International Orangutan Center (photo courtesy: Indianapolis Zoo)

Indianapolis Zoo 
The zoo has two Mamava Lactation Suites located inside the Simon Skjodt International Orangutan Center and Ascension St. Vincent Dolphin Pavilion. The spaces lock from the inside and provide privacy to nurse, pump or bottle feed. I’m a fan of Mamava in general, but I especially love the central location of these pods. The zoo is a regular year-round activity for my family, and having this dedicated space has been so convenient.

My days of visiting lactation rooms across the city are coming to a close, but I’m grateful to all the places that made it easier for me to get out of the house with two little ones. And remember, wherever and however you choose to nurse or feed your baby, your comfort and your baby’s well-being are the only things that matter.


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